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Now you can text without touching, or even looking at your phone!

Ultimate Car Dock - The First Fully Voice Controlled Car Dock Adds Hands-Free, Voice Recognition Capabilities to Smartphones for Safer Driving

Using the phone while driving has been rightly discouraged; distracted driving is a serious hazard. However, app development company “Apps on Toast” has introduced an ingenious way to keep one’s eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel while making phone calls, or responding to text messages. Ultimate Car Dock is a voice recognition app for Android smartphones, which is now available on Google Play. Apps on Toast welcomes everyone to take the app on a free, 7-day test drive


As with all smartphone apps, user friendliness is one of the guiding principles behind Ultimate Car Dock. The app reads incoming text messages aloud and enables voice response, all without touching or even looking at the phone. To save power, Ultimate Car Dock enters a sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity. Touching the screen anywhere will wake up the phone. Users can initiate calls or text messages with voice alone. Likewise, navigation controls and music can also be started and stopped through voice command.

“When driving, it’s always important to pay full attention to the road and traffic conditions. Ultimate Car Dock gives users the ability to stay in touch (via text and voice) while still being safe behind the wheel,” explained Warren Boswell of Apps on Toast. “We believe our voice recognition is the smartest and most accurate on the market, making Ultimate Car Dock a top choice in hands-free smartphone apps. By taking advantage of our 7-day free trial on Google Play, users can find out for themselves.”

Boswell continued: “We imagine Ultimate Car Dock being a must-have app for business travellers, or anyone else whose job puts them behind the wheel for hours each day. When this app is running on the user’s smartphone, it’s as if the user’s car has become an extension office.”

Before taking Ultimate Car Dock on the road, users should take a few minutes to add their favourite shortcuts to the app’s main screen, set preferences, and gain familiarity with the app. As learning “on the go” will defeat the app’s purpose. For basic questions and answers, the app has a built-in help section.

User reviews of Ultimate Car Dock have been overwhelmingly positive. Reports confirm that the voice recognition feature of the app, which has been the Achilles heel of similar technologies, is extremely accurate and can even understand accents.

About Apps on Toast

Headquartered in Spain, “Apps on Toast” is a British app development company for the Android marketplace.

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Mon. May 27th, 2024

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