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BASF launches new low VOC solvent-borne basecoat system

Fast-dry solution offers customers several benefits and ability to increase throughput.

BASF announced the launch of a new, low volatile organic compound (VOC), fast-dry solvent-borne basecoat system, the ONYX(TM) HD Low VOC Productive System, in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

This new system produces low VOC basecoats that are either waterborne or solvent-borne -the only system currently on the market that provides these options. The system offers similar benefits and performance to national rule solvent-borne basecoat systems, and meets all VOC regulations across North America.

The product is easy to spray, offers enhanced de-nibbing, and dries quickly under common humidity and temperature conditions compared to other systems. Several collision repair centers have tested the new system, and reported significant decreases in drying times leading to more repairs in less time, which can result in increased profits.

“It’s fabulous stuff to work with,” said Cesi Paglia, a paint technician for Provincial Chrysler, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. “Cars get out of the booth sometimes in 50 percent less time.”

“ONYX(TM) HD Low VOC workability is quicker and faster. The jobs are cleaner, and the end result is perfect,” said Tony Castro, owner of ProCollision in Hialeah, Florida. “Because this product is formulated to mix perfectly with exempt solvents, my shop is VOC-compliant without having to purchase any new or additional water-based spray equipment.”

“This new system is a truly unique basecoat that offers our customers options they’ve never had before,” said Antonio Leandres, Market Segment Manager for BASF’s Automotive Refinish business in North America. “A low VOC solution that dries quickly, saves energy, has excellent hiding capabilities, offers easy application and excellent color matching is something that is hugely beneficial and groundbreaking in the refinish market.”

To learn more, please visit ONYX(TM) HD Low VOC Productive System.

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