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Saphran Helps Suppliers Generate Profits And Improve Efficiency

Automotive suppliers are seeing major gains in efficiency and profitability with management software systems by Michigan-based Saphran Solutions.

The firm designs and develops software programs that companies can use to manage their entire business cycle, including planning, quoting, costing and forecasting.

Saphran customers have reported:

— A $10 million reduction in capital investment requirements less than two
months after a Saphran program launch.
— Significant improvements in part-level forecast accuracy 12 months in
advance of actual orders.
— The ability to adjust to major supply disruptions in one week or less.
— A reduction of 50 percent or more in response time and cost to complete
price-quote requests (RFQs).
— Software installation payback within three to six months.
Saphran technology features closed-loop predictive analytics that allow companies to develop and manage business forecasts based on current and future market trends, according to Ken Bassey, Saphran’s founder and CEO. Saphran systems also synchronize data to current and future product structures, platforms and models.

Bassey recently was awarded a U.S. patent for software technology that enables manufacturers to quickly and accurately meet customer price-quote requests.

Saphran’s “QuoteBase” system links company estimators, engineers, account managers and sales personnel into the decision-making process and uses proprietary algorithms to eliminate the need for costly custom programming.

“The system uses up-to-date, time-phased cost data and takes into account future market projections as well,” he notes. “Our technology gives companies the ability to estimate and quote on new business in a highly automated, effective manner with alignment to ever-changing costs. Customers have reported reductions in response time and related costs of 50 percent or more.”

Saphran’s business management systems synchronize data with current and future products and platforms. Closed-loop integration merges external market data and forecasts with operational information to predict demand and anticipate risk.

Saphran systems also can maintain a rolling composite forecast, combining historical shipments, short-term EDI (electronic data interchange) orders and long-term market intelligence. The result is a consensus forecast with current business conditions updated in real time with the latest available business information and market intelligence.

To improve production schedules and forecasts, Saphran’s software allows companies to integrate external market forecasts with internal data from the company, its customers and suppliers.

About Saphran Solutions

Founded in 2004, Saphran Solutions is based in Franklin, Michigan. An independent software developer, the company helps automotive suppliers and other manufacturers achieve dramatic efficiencies and increased profitability by narrowing the gap between business planning and performance. Saphran software modules are designed for original equipment suppliers with sales of between $50 million and $20 billion. The company’s software programs can be implemented quickly; pay for themselves within three to six months; provide significant competitive advantages, and help protect and increase profit margins. More information about Saphran is available at

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