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The Client
Köpp is a leading manufacturer and processor of cellular rubber, sponge rubber and polyethylene foam. Since 1968, the relationship between Köpp & Zotefoams has grown into a fully operational partnership. Zotefoams products have been introduced by Köpp into the automotive industry worldwide and used in medium and luxury range vehicles supplied to all OEMs’ who use PLASTAZOTE® for applications such as seals, gaskets and moulded parts.

The Challenges/Needs
The challenges which the car manufacturers’ are facing are to use a cleaner material which meet certain emission criteria. The material also needs to have good compression recovery, good sealing properties as well as no odour in addition to meeting fire regulations and fogging requirements to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for the driver which is of high importance to their brand image.

The Solution
PLASTAZOTE® LD24, LD33 and LD45 were chosen because they meet all the test requirements, and PLASTAZOTE® was also the only product on the market which meets the required emission levels. Most competitive foams use chemically blown agents which have high emission levels and do not comply with fogging, smell and emission requirements. Due to Zotefoams unique nitrogen gas solution process, the foam does not contain any chemically blown agent which is why it is very pure and has very low fogging figures. Our unique cell-structure also makes it possible to have high performance materials with a very low density.

Azote® and Plastazote® are registered trademarks of Zotefoams plc.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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