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A “location cloud” that delivers maps and location experiences across more screens and operating systems and unified under the “HERE” brand was introduced by Nokia at the Connected Cars 2013 summit held in Amsterdam in June 2013. “At HERE we believe that a connected car is part of creating a holistic connected driving experience that keeps drivers safe yet connected, while allowing them to communicate and enjoy entertainment too,” says Pino Bonetti, Social Media Manager for HERE, on Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia blog.

In 2012 Floris van de Klashorst, Vice President Connected Car for HERE, pointed out that many of the elements for a con¬nected car were already a reality. Nokia is working with Ford on the Evos Concept, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011. The hybrid car uses SYNC® technology to connect drivers with a cloud of information. “The intention is not to convert the vehicle into a Smartphone, but to provide drivers with a personalized and useful connection to the outside world within the vehicle context,” explains Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of Global Product Develop¬ment.

The Evos learns a person’s driving habits and automatically ad¬justs steering, handling and other functions. It also knows the driver’s commute details, as well as what to do when they get in the car, such as playing a style of music or tuning into a radio station.

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Van de Klashorst how urbanization has changed the roles of the car and driver.

Van de Klashorst: By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in cities. This creates congestion, pollution and traffic incidents as city infrastructure struggles to keep pace with growth. For many urban dwellers that means the car is no longer a status symbol, but a just–in-time service that adjusts to commuting conditions.

AI: As congestion and pollution are on the increase in cities how do you see driving patterns changing?

Van de Klashorst: People are opting for alternatives like car sharing, electric vehicles and public transportation. Connected cars play a major role in collecting, processing and delivering useful location data to help people combat these issues.

AI: Tell us how HERE will help people plan journeys more effectively.

Van de Klashorst: At HERE we stay firmly focused on the driver by creating both standalone products and services for smart devices and in working with automotive partners to design in-car solutions. For example, people can plan trips at home on a tablet. They can take that information with them syncing across their devices. When they are in transit they will be able to get updates on the latest traffic conditions or an alert that a speed limit has changed in their route.

AI: What impact do you see HERE having on connected cars?

Van de Klashorst: Connectivity in cars improves everything about the driving experience. It allows us to create driving experiences that are personal, relevant and always fresh regardless of whether they use their own car, rent or lease.

AI: What makes Nokia’s data gathering and processing for people and businesses different?

Van de Klashorst: We collect from both the physical and the online worlds, including 20 billion probe points and 141 million routing requests each month. Data collection and analysis of data allows us to create better routes, better maps and better experiences to help people navigate their lives.

AI: How important is this?

Van de Klashorst: This is an extremely important space for drivers, car companies and for us. At HERE we’re are using all of our assets across the globe to make the next generation of connected cars a reality in both the developed and developing world. Our Nokia heritage and acquisition of NAVTEQ gives us a more than 25-year head start in building high quality maps.

AI: What is the future for connected cars?

Van de Klashorst: While autonomous driving will take years to become reality, connected cars are already a reality. We are working closely with automakers to create connected solutions for the car that bring exciting new experiences to consumers.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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