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Welcome to 2014 China International Tyres, Wheels and Rubber Technology Fair!

China Tires,Wheels & Rubber Tech Fair focuses completely on the development of the rubber and tire industries in China and it is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting the awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and the tire related products such as tire accessories, wheels. The abundant product series make CTF to become one of the most successful trade show in the world wide tire industry chain and it also provides a good opportunity for the worldwide buyers and supplier to meet. A Fair, Friendly and Faithful trading environment is guaranteed.

Qingdao-Trade Center of Tire and Rubber Industry

Qingdao is a beautiful and romantic coastal tourism resort city in North China. Half of the total output in rubber industry in China is contributed by Shandong Peninsula area in which Qingdao city plays a leading role. Tire output in Shandong accounts for 52%, and tire exports account for half of the total amount in China. Currently, there are around 300 tire manufacturers in Shandong province, and half of the top ten famous tire brands in China belong here. According to European Rubber Journal, 24 manufacturers of China mainland are listed in Global tire top 75, among which 11 are from Shandong province.

More importantly, a Qingdao rubber industry chain which integrates academic activities, R&D, production and trade is formed by Qingdao port, the second largest port with one hundred million tons of export-import capacity, Qingdao University of Science and Technology which is known as ‘Whampoa Military Academy in rubber industry’ and a plurality of researching institutions and academies in rubber industry, rubber machinery manufacturers, professional software providers and freight forwarders. Qingdao has become a worldwide famous trade center of tires as well as a rubber industry cluster with an indubitably good environment for the industry and the market. Moreover, the first State Engineering Laboratory of Advanced Equipment and Crucial Material of Tires in China was constructed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Mensac Co., Ltd and Sailun Co., Ltd, which further enhances technological background of Qingdao in tire and rubber industry

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