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Autotalks Welcomes NHTSA Connected Vehicle Decision with a Full and Mature V2X Solution

Autotalks comprehensive V2X solution is offered for a low-cost deployment of vehicles OBU.

NHTSA connected vehicle decision is an imperative step toward V2X deployment. CRATON (ATK4100) V2X Communication Processor and PLUTON (ATK3100) V2X RF Transceiver are offered as the building blocks of V2X system. The components are fully functional and have a secure path toward Automotive AEC-Q100 qualification. The entire software exists and is integrated on CRATON, running on a production grade operating system.

Autotalks solution implements state-of-the-art radio, optimized for high mobility. The superb radio can receive a moving vehicle at high speed, even in presence of obstructions. Challenging scenarios to other receivers, like receiving a vehicle driving ahead on highway while several vehicles are between the transmitting and receiving vehicles, or dense urban environments with many reflections, are not imposing a challenge to Autotalks’ radio.

The radio can support dual antenna configuration for vehicles that cannot have 360° coverage with a single antenna. Alternatively, a single antenna can serve two independent concurrent channels for safety and non-safety applications.

Only CRATON can verify the authenticity of all incoming messages using integrated hardware accelerators. Shortest verification latency assures quick detection of dangerous events on road. The incremental cost is significantly lower than a dedicated powerful CPU verifying a fraction of incoming messages.

Autotalks solution supports both US (IEEE1609) and European (ETSI ITS G5) specifications and exceeds the performance targets. The same hardware is used globally for avoiding doubling the development cost.

Autotalks solution is flexible and can support any possible vehicle architecture in a cost-effective manner. The high integration level enables to physically fit the solution in any form-factor unit.

“NHTSA connected vehicle decision will accelerate V2X development, and Autotalks is the only company with a solution ready for mass-production” said Michael Blicher, business development manager of Autotalks in North America, “Development process based on Autotalks’ mature solution has low risk and cost”

“We are excited to welcome Autotalks to ITS America. Their participation reflects Autotalks commitment to the U.S. market and represents the diversity of our membership,” said Scott Belcher, president and CEO of ITS America. “The availability of Autotalks solution further illustrates the expanding field of intelligent transportation systems and assures that V2X technology can be deployed efficiently and at low-cost to bring greater levels of safety, reliability, and accessibility to transportation systems worldwide.”

About Autotalks Ltd.
Autotalks enables the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication revolution by providing automotive qualified VLSI solutions, containing the entire ECU functionality. The unique technology of Autotalks addresses V2X challenges: communication reliability, communication security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation. Autotalks is committed to providing a standard compliant solution toward series production from 2015 on.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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