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Yorkshire-based provider of instantcommunications services for mobile devices, Mobile Tornado has today announceda major partnership with Accel Telecom Ltd, to deliver a unique in-vehiclephone solution.

Unveiled today at Mobile World Congress inBarcelona, the solution integrates Mobile Tornado’s Push To Talk platform withAccel’s ‘Voyager’ connected car smartphone to deliver safe, instantconnectivity and communication that is ideal for fleet and commercial vehiclesthrough to taxis and HGVs.

Accel is a leading provider of cellular-basedconnected car solutions, combining Android smartphone technologies, to createthe first standalone 3G connected car smartphone – Voyager. IncorporatingMobile Tornado’s Instant Message, Talk and Locate software with the smartphoneimproves business productivity and performance by enabling companies and thosedrivers travelling in a business capacity to connect one-to-one or one-to-manyat the touch of a button.

Firms can stay in instant communication withone or many employees simultaneously, locate its workforce out on the road andalert them immediately if any major issues arise. 

Jeremy Fenn, Mobile Tornado CEO commented:“We are delighted to be partnering with Accel, and integrating our servicesacross its Voyager range of in-vehicle devices. These devices can be deployedacross many of our vertical markets, and we look forward to introducing them toour customers and partners across the world.”

MarcSeelenfreund, Accel CEO added: “Voyager is designed to enhance safe driving andprovide an advanced connected car driving experience. The integrated Voyager –Mobile Tornado solution makes in car communications easier and safer and will allowdrivers and their organisations to stay in better contact. We are excited topartner with Mobile Tornado on this innovative integrated solution which willbe offered in multiple international markets around the globe.”

About Mobile Tornado

MobileTornado Group PLC (AIM: MBT) specialises in the provision of InstantCommunications services for mobile devices, with a focus on enterpriseworkforce management. The Company’s main applications comprise Instant Talk,Instant Locate, and Instant Alert & Instant Message and are geared towardsimproving a business’s productivity and performance by enabling organizationsand workers to connect one-to-one or one-to-many at the touch of a button.

Mobile Tornado’s patented Internet Protocol Radio Service(IPRS(TM)) technology has been successfully deployed on networks around theworld. The suite of IP-based, OMA standards-compliant services provideinstantaneous, ‘always-on’, bandwidth-efficient communications across a rangeof mobile networks and devices, including compatibility with forthcoming LTE(Long Term Evolution) 4G mobile networks. Both technical and cost performanceis superior to many competing services and technologies, with proven success inthe current marketplace


Accel isa leader in the connected car market with its Truckfone and VOYAGER connectedcar devices.  VOYAGER is a dedicated connected car smartphone thatprovides drivers with a safer and superior connected car experience combiningAndroid smartphone technologies to create the first standalone 3G Connected CarSmartphone easily installed in any car. See

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Wed. May 29th, 2024

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