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Suzuki develops advanced auto-shift gearbox

Smoothergearshifts, improved efficiency and a more involving driving experience are thekey advantages of a new, advanced gearbox that has been developed by Suzuki.

The new transmission combines the best attributes of manual-shift and automaticgearboxes by integrating an electro-hydraulic actuator with a five-speed manualgearbox. The actuator operates the clutch and the gear shifts, and perfectlysynchronises these actions with the engine’s revs to ensure seamless, optimisedgear changes.

The innovative gearbox combines the actuator and controller, and mounts itdirectly onto the manual transmission, ensuring integrated, efficientoperation. And since the gearbox remains a manual unit, it doesn’t suffer theefficiency losses usually associated with torque converter-based automatictransmissions.

Suzuki engineers say the automated gearbox offers exceptional ease of use, asit obviates the need for clutch and gearshift operation, while a creep functionwhen pulling off makes for smooth acceleration from rest.

The gearbox offers both fully automatic and manual shift modes. In the autosetting, the gearbox selects and shifts gears without the need for driverintervention, based on prevailing speeds and load conditions.

However, selecting manual mode gives the driver full control over gear shiftselection, just like a conventional manual gearbox, but without the need for aclutch, thus ensuring an engaging driving experience.

The advanced gearbox has already undergone comprehensive testing and isexpected to be implemented in some of Suzuki’s compact passenger cars,including the Swift and the Alto, in the future.

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Thu. June 13th, 2024

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