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European Investment Bank Loan for Johnson Controls

More Research for Environmentally Friendly Automotive Equipment

    JohnsonControls, a global multi-industrial company with established core businesses inthe automotive, building and energy storage industries, is strengthening itsresearch and development in the field of eco-friendly automotive equipment. TheEuropean Investment Bank (EIB) is making a EUR 220m loan available to thecompany.


    “JohnsonControls highly appreciates this loan from the EIB. It will enable us tofurther strengthen our research and development activities in the field ofeco-friendly automotive seating solutions,” said Jean-Philippe De Waele,treasurer Europe, Middle East and Africa for Johnson Controls.


    JohnsonControls is a technological and market leader in the development of car seatsand complete seating systems in particular. The loan being provided by the EIBwill help Johnson Controls advance its research & development activities.One of the areas that the company is addressing is reducing the weight of seatsby using lighter materials to further decrease the overall weight of vehicles.Lighter vehicles will in turn help reduce harmful emissions. The aim is to helpautomotive manufacturers comply with increasingly stringent environmentalstandards. However, safety aspects also play an important role for JohnsonControls – the company does not allow for any compromises in this area. Theseats, together with other car interior components, are intended to be bothreliable and durable, as well as to be produced in a cost-effective manner.


    The projectwill also make an important contribution to the vocational training ofadolescents and young adults, as part of the loan will support vocationaltraining programs in Johnson Controls’ production plants in Germany. Around 240apprentices will benefit from these programs throughout the duration of theproject, helping to safeguard jobs and increase know-how.


    “JohnsonControls is one of the industrial enterprises whose commitment to research anddevelopment is well above-average. It thus makes a crucial contribution toEurope’s innovative capability and competitive strengths. Furthermore, aknowledge-based economy is dependent on a skilled and competent workforce. Thevocational training aspect is therefore another important element of thefunding that has now been made available,” said EIB Vice-President WilhelmMolterer, whose responsibilities include the Bank’s activities in Germany.


    About JohnsonControls


    JohnsonControls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader servingcustomers in more than 150 countries. Our 170,000 employees create qualityproducts, services and solutions to optimize energy and operationalefficiencies of buildings; lead-acid automotive batteries and advancedbatteries for hybrid and electric vehicles; and interior systems forautomobiles. Our commitment to sustainability dates back to our roots in 1885,with the invention of the first electric room thermostat. Through our growthstrategies and by increasing market share we are committed to delivering valueto shareholders and making our customers successful.


    About JohnsonControls Automotive Experience Johnson Controls is a global leader inautomotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels, and interiorelectronics. We support all major automakers in the differentiation of theirvehicles through our products, technologies and advanced manufacturingcapabilities. With 240 locations worldwide, we are where our customers need usto be. Consumers have enjoyed the comfort and style of our products, fromsingle components to complete interiors. With our global capability we supplyapproximately 50 million cars per year.


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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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