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The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC(USABC), a collaborative organization operated by Chrysler Group LLC, FordMotor Company and General Motors, today announced the award of a $7.7 millionadvanced battery technology development contract for electric vehicleapplications to Envia Systems of Newark, Calif.

The competitively bid contract award is co-funded by theU.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and includes a 50 percent Envia Systemscost-share.

The 36-month lithium ion layered-layered cathode/siliconbased anode program will focus on the development of high-energy cathode andanode material appropriate for vehicle applications and the development andscale up of pouch cells that exhibit performance metrics that exceed theminimum USABC targets for electric vehicles.

USABC is a subsidiary of the United States Council forAutomotive Research LLC (USCAR). Enabled by a cooperative agreement with theU.S. DOE, USABC’s mission is to develop electrochemical energy storagetechnologies that support commercialization of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electricand fuel cell vehicles. In support of its mission, USABC has developed mid- andlong-term goals to guide its projects and measure its progress. For moreinformation, visit the USABC’s website at

“We are pleased to announce the award of this contract toEnvia Systems as part of USABC’s broad battery technology research anddevelopment programs,” said Steve Zimmer, executive director of USCAR. “Theseprograms are essential to advance the technology needed to meet both near- andlong-term goals that will enable increasingly efficient and affordable vehicleelectrification.”

The new Envia Systems contract follows researchpreviously conducted with USABC to develop advanced lithium-ion batterytechnologies for electric vehicle applications.

The U.S. DOE’s overarching mission is to advance thenational, economic and energy security of the United States. DOE’s VehicleTechnologies Office works with industry, academia and national laboratories todevelop advanced transportation technologies that reduce the nation’s use ofimported oil and increase its energy security. Electrochemical energy storagehas been identified as a critical enabling technology for advanced,fuel-efficient, light and heavy-duty vehicles.


Founded in 1992, USCAR is the collaborative automotivetechnology company for Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and GeneralMotors. The goal of USCAR is to further strengthen the technology base of thedomestic auto industry through cooperative research and development. For moreinformation, visit USCAR’s website at


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Sat. May 30th, 2020

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