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Manbat Acquires PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd

ECOBAT Technologies Ltd, through Manbat Ltd, itsspecialist UK battery distribution subsidiary, is pleased to announce that ithas acquired PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd, a leading industrialbattery specialist based at Rayne in Essex that supplies and services batteriesand chargers for all types of industrial applications.


“This acquisition is the perfect fit with our existingindustrial battery business and strengthens our position within the industrialsector,” said Steve Sheppard, Manbat Ltd’s Managing Director. “It also furtheradds to the group’s battery distribution businesses, which are now based in theUK, Netherlands, Belgium & France.”


“Derek & Ingrid Anderson will stay within thebusiness and will play an important role in the integration of PowerCell andManbat Industrial, as well as in the general development of Manbat’s growingIndustrial Division.”


Derek Anderson added: “The synergies between thebusinesses will make an incredible portfolio, one that will be well placed totake advantage of the opportunities that are arising in the UK, so we areexcited by the possibilities.


“Manbat is now in a position to offer a truly nationalindustrial division. I am looking forward to expanding this specialist side ofthe business by offering the market place a professional and knowledgeablesales team supported by a fully qualified and dedicated service team.”


The Industrial Division will continue to report to SteveSheppard, Managing Director of Manbat Ltd.


The acquisition is also in line with the wider ECOBATTechnologies Ltd strategy to develop value added businesses both up and downstream of its core lead recycling and production business, which encompassesnew battery distribution opportunities.


For further details, please call Myles Pemberton on: +44(0)1743 218503 or visit:


Manbat Ltd

Originally founded as Manchester Batteries in 1952,Manbat Ltd is a business committed to providing its customers with top qualityproducts that are backed up by exceptional customer service. As a result ofthese combined strengths, and its 60-year plus aftermarket heritage, Manbat hasan unrivalled reputation as the UK’s premier automotive and commercial vehiclepower storage product supplier and service provider.


ECOBAT Technologies Group

ECOBAT Technologies is the world’s largest producer oflead, producing over 800,000 metric tonnes per year from over 15 facilities inEurope, the USA and South Africa. ECOBAT maximises the value of its operationsby producing the highest quality lead and lead alloys, specifically designedfor the battery, mining and other industries both from recycled and primarymaterials. In addition, ECOBAT processes and supplies, in various forms,silver, lead anodes and sheet, zinc, aluminum, industrial minerals, plastics,polyfoams, and provides services including spent battery collection anddistribution of new batteries. Excellence is the watchword throughout alloperations, but particularly in customer service, technical expertise andhealth, safety and environmental matters

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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