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Bring the problem to the experts, not the other way around

Virtual Presence Technology Securely Connects Field Workers and Experts

Time is money.  And it’s never been truer for companies with operations spread across the globe.  Equipment downtime, lost production, delays in bringing new products to market and high travel costs to troubleshoot problems or review designs can kill the bottom line. 


But imagine this… simultaneously, two engineers zero in on the design issue that’s resulted in a costly quality problem. This discussion doesn’t take place side-by-side in the manufacturing facility or at the supplier’s location. In fact, the engineers are continents apart.


One is at the automotive OEM design facility in Michigan pointing a mobile camera device at the faulty component. He’s streaming video to the tier one supplier that is thousands of miles away in Europe or anywhere else. He can even bring in the Service Manager at the dealership that is seeing this problem in the field.


Together, they all view the live video, talk, share pictures and draw on-screen to troubleshoot the issue. They even store pictures and record the session for future reference and training.


With Virtual Presence technology, no one leaves their desk, let alone the country.  Quite simply, Librestream’s Onsight system brings the problem to the expert, rather than the other way around. Onsight takes video beyond the boardroom or office and into difficult field locations such as the manufacturing facility, third party metrology lab, or the dealership.


Onsight is the only enterprise-grade video collaboration system that focuses on Operations. Unlike traditional online meeting, consumer-grade video chat and video conferencing tools that are designed for face-to-face interaction, Onsight addresses the needs of Operations in remotely solving challenging problems in the field. For Operations, it’s not about seeing the person on the other end of the call: it’s about clearly seeing the problem remotely and solving it immediately.


With Onsight, Operations teams can collaborate anywhere, anytime and with anyone on a moment’s notice from virtually any location. Onsight features Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming and unique capabilities to facilitate collaboration from difficult to reach locations that have only 3G cellular or satellite networks available. Librestream’s full Onsight video collaboration experience is also now available on smartphones and tablets as well as the PC and rugged Librestream Onsight devices. This expanded solution extends the use of Onsight into highly mobile field service use cases in addition to traditional use cases such as equipment maintenance and repair.

As an enterprise-grade solution, Onsight provides full security over content with end-to-end encryption and wireless security; control over bandwidth usage to manage corporate networks; integration with standard video conferencing systems; and centralized control over Onsight licenses and overall management of the system.

The Onsight solution is comprised of three main components:

  • Onsight Connect, the cloud collaboration platform that includes rich collaboration software for smartphones, tablets, Windows PC and Librestream Onsight mobile devices;
  • Librestream’s rugged and Ex-rated wireless, handheld Onsight camera devices; and
  • Enterprise management software including Onsight Account Manager and Onsight Management Suite to centrally manage Onsight user licenses, enforce security and set bandwidth policies.

These three components provide a fully mobile video collaboration system. With the Onsight solution, a field worker immediately collaborates with a remote expert using high quality video, voice and onscreen drawing. If additional parties are required to assist the field worker, users can bring in multiple Onsight collaborators at one time, quickly invite a guest, or launch an online meeting. The Onsight mobile device can also be used as a mobile videoconferencing camera to bring video from the field into TelePresence rooms.

Together, these experts and field workers can resolve design issues, fix production line problems, review warranty repair situations at the dealership, analyze test results, and troubleshoot issues with suppliers. Typically the investment in the Onsight solution is paid back after just one or two uses, but it is most successful for enterprises that truly integrate this kind of collaboration into their daily workflows.

With this full solution, Onsight provides true ad-hoc collaboration that requires little or no training for the field workers. Depending on the specific situation, workers can choose the rugged Onsight mobile camera or Onsight App on an iPhone or iPad to share video, voice, telestration (i.e. onscreen drawing) and images with the experts who interact live through the Onsight PC software, iPhone, or iPad. Onsight can be used virtually anywhere as it was optimized to perform on wireless, bandwidth-constrained satellite and highly variable cellular networks.


In less demanding conditions, workers use the Onsight App on the iPad or iPhone to securely stream and receive content. For more rugged environments, Librestream offers the Onsight 2500 wireless handheld video cameras.  The cameras are completely portable and hardened for durability with an IP64 enclosure rating.  All communication and data is encrypted to provide tight security. For clarity, the camera provides close up images with 1 cm macro zoom, a 10X optical zoom and built-in illumination. Onsight can even attach external devices like a microscope or borescope to send additional visuals to the far end expert. 


The Onsight 2500Ex extends the power of mobile video collaboration into extreme and potentially hazardous locations. In addition to the rugged features, this device includes Class I, Division 2 and

Zone 2 approvals for operation in locations such as an oil rig, aircraft maintenance bay, or refinery.


The full Onsight system is proven technology that is now used in six continents in manufacturing applications including automotive, industrial equipment, consumer packaged goods and aerospace as well as the oil and gas industry, insurance and health care field. 


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