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Intelematics Announces Major Expansion of Real-time Traffic Network at ITS World Congress

More than 45,000mi2 added in one of Southern Hemisphere's biggest RDS-TMC rollouts

Intelematics, Australia’s leading telematics solutions provider, today announced a major network expansion of its real-time traffic service at the ITS World Congress in Detroit.


In one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest service rollouts, Intelematics will add more than 45,000 square miles (72,500 square kilometers) to the SUNA RDS-TMC network by December 2014.


The network’s coverage footprint will be expanded by more than 80 per cent and be available to more than 17.5 million Australian motorists following the rollout. Ten new broadcast areas have been included in the expansion covering additional Australian cities, major highways and arterial roads.


SUNA will collect and analyze more than 20 million traffic-flow measurements from fixed traffic sensors, vehicle probes and other sources each day.  SUNA also provides motorists with live fuel price changes, parking availability and other useful data through its existing XML and TPEG networks.


The service will be available to all existing and new SUNA customers via compatible in-vehicle satellite navigation systems and portable navigation devices.  As with all SUNA RDS-TMC services, there is no additional cost to consumers.


Intelematics Chief Executive Officer Adam Game announced the expansion at ITS World Congress; the world’s largest gathering of transportation professionals.


“This is one of the most extensive traffic information projects ever undertaken in Australia and positions SUNA amongst the most sophisticated traffic services in the world,” Mr Game said.


“SUNA will provide the most complete view of traffic conditions from around the country. The project includes establishing data collection, analysis and transmission of more than 97 per cent of metropolitan and intra-city traffic.”


The new rollout follows the 2013 expansion of the SUNA service in New Zealand to provide full coverage of the area known as the ‘Industrial Triangle’ – covering Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.


Intelematics is a pioneer of motoring mobility and telematics services in Australia, introducing the country’s first vehicle-integrated telematics program and first digital traffic broadcast — SUNA Traffic Channel.


The company’s in-vehicle telematics services include roadside assistance, search, infotainment services, remote vehicle diagnostics, vehicle performance and trip monitoring. Customers for traffic and telematics services have included Alpine, Audi, Clarion, Eclipse, Ford, Fujitsu Ten, Garmin, Google, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus Mercedes-Benz, Magellan,  Mitsubishi, Navman, Nissan, Pioneer, Porsche, Samsung, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo.


Intelematics made the announcement at the 2014 ITS World Congress as part of a local industry showcase, led by ITS Australia. More than 10,000 transport systems industry members are expected to attend the Congress this week.


“Initiatives such as the SUNA expansion ensure the Australian telematics industry remains at the forefront of the global telematics industry. Australia has a long history of pioneering automotive and telematics solutions and we’re pleased to have been part of it for more than a decade,” Mr Game said.


“ITS World Congress is an opportunity for Intelematics to share our experiences and we’re extremely pleased to be able to announce our network expansion here in Detroit.”


Intelematics is exhibiting at ITS World Congress from 7-11 September at Booth 1728. For more information about Intelematics and SUNA Traffic Channel visit


Expansion areas


Broadcast areas included in the SUNA RDS-TMC new rollout are Hobart, Darwin, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich.


About Intelematics


Intelematics Australia is a RACV group organization and is a founding member of Global Response — a strategic telematics alliance covering Europe, North America and Australia, with more than 80 million motoring club members.


Globally recognized for innovation, Intelematics Australia’s services include safety and security, fleet and workforce management, real-time traffic and other relevant motorist information and application development for in-vehicle and smartphone devices. Intelematics also provides enhanced remote vehicle diagnostic, reporting and eCRM services.


Intelematics Australia is a leading provider of OEM telematics and connected vehicle programs within the Asia Pacific region and works in partnership with its clients to create tailored programs that bring benefit to vehicle manufacturers, their maintenance and retail channels, and motorists.


SUNA Traffic Channel, operated by Intelematics, has been adopted by leading brands including Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse, Ford, Fujitsu Ten, Garmin, Google, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Magellen, Mio, Mitsubishi, Navman, Nissan, Pioneer, Porsche, Samsung, Subaru and Toyota in Australia and Ford, Garmin, Hyundai and Navman in New Zealand.


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