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SO.F.TER. Announces Engineering Plastics Production Startup at USA Headquarters

    SO.F.TER., one of the largest independent compounders in the world, announces the production startup of Engineering Plastics in the new plant based in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA. The production site, which has an initial annual capacity of 50 million pounds (23,000 metric tons), was built following the rigorous technical standards in force in all the factories of the SO.F.TER. GROUP. The layout of the production lines is highly efficient and latest generation extruders provide excellent product properties while maintaining a very competitive cost structure. In 2015, the second stage of the project will double manufacturing capacity and will add TPE production.


    In addition to one of the broadest portfolio of products in the plastics industry, SO.F.TER. USA will also provide its customers with a full range of engineering services including Moldflow(R), 3D Modeling, FEM (Finite Element Modeling) and ANSYS(R) Stress Analysis. These services will be performed at the US site and will be available to customers along with processing support at the customer’s plant sites.


    With the opening of the SO.F.TER USA headquarters, the SO.F.TER. GROUP further strengthens its presence in the Americas, where it can now offer a complete range of products in synergy with its manufacturing plants in Mexico and Brazil. SO.F.TER.’s strength stands in its comprehensive product portfolio, which includes 18 basic resins, ranging from engineering plastics to thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic vulcanizates. The company specializes in the automotive, appliance, construction, electrical/electronics, footwear and sports industries.


    SO.F.TER. is a privately held group which has enjoyed continuity of ownership since its inception in 1980. Its strong product development capability, financial stability, consistent ownership and management allow it to focus on the strategic needs of its customers.


    “SO.F.TER.’s commercial strategy has always favored a “tailor-made” approach aimed at providing each customer with flexible and customized solutions. This formula is the basis for success of the company that now exports to 60 countries and has tripled its sales since 2008, despite the global economic challenges” said Riccardo Meucci, Global Commercial Director of SO.F.TER. GROUP.


    “The breadth of SO.F.TER.’s product line, consistent private ownership and strategic focus on our customer’s needs differentiate us from many of our competitors. We offer the strength and capabilities of the largest companies in our industry but with the focus and customer service typical of a local supplier,” said Keith Rodden, President SO.F.TER. USA.


    “Our goal is to build sound and durable technological partnerships, offering our customers exceptional value: from the development of the most suitable material, to the optimization of the molding process offered by our Engineering Services, to the post-sales technical support, we will make ourselves available to make each project a success,”

concluded Mark Rodden, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SO.F.TER. USA.




    SO.F.TER. USA stands on a total area of 21 acres (      85,000 square meters) in Lebanon, TN. The initial phase led to the construction of a plant measuring 100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters) with an annual production capacity of 50 million pounds (23,000 metric tons) and with an investment of $ 20.0 Million (EUR 16.0 Million). The long term project, to be completed in stages, will expand facilities up to 250,000 square feet

(23,000 square meters) with a total capacity of 200 million pounds (90,000 tons) and 200 employees.




    SO.F.TER. GROUP is one of the largest independent compounders in the world. With a sales of 320 million USD (250 million euro) in 2013 and sales in over 60 countries, the SO.F.TER. GROUP has 4 plants in Europe, 3 in Americas (United States, Mexico, Brazil) and a Sales Office in Germany. For more information visit


    Products and brands. Thermoplastic Elastomers: Pibiflex(R) (TPC), Forprene(R) (TPV), Forflex(R) (TPO), Laprene(R), Sofprene(R) (TPE-S), Sofpur(R) (elastomer modified TPU). TPE for infill of Artificial turf: Holo(R) , Forgrin(R), Terra(R). Engineering plastics: Tecnoprene(R), Polifor(R), Carboprene(R), Talcoprene(R) (PP), Nylfor(R), Nivionplast(R) (PA6, PA66), Pibifor(R), Pibiter(R) (PBT), Abistir(R), Restir(R) (ABS), Blendfor(R), Reblend(R) (PC/ABS), Stirofor(R) (HI-PS), Cabofor(R) (PC), Norfor(R) (PPE), Sanfor(R) (SAN).


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