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Telematics Conference will be holding its first Middle East & Africa edition on 12th March, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The event organizers say that telematics is fast growing industry which is getting more and more interesting across the world. It is of special importance in the Middle East and Africa region. “Here, we are expecting even greater market growth!

Therefore, the Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa is the perfect place for you to see the further development of the field and for us to offer you the best insight into how you can become an important player in the Middle East and Africa region,” says the Telematics Conference director Alenka Bezjak Mlakar organizers.

More than 150 key stakeholders from Middle East, Africa and countries from all over the world will gather at this telematics focused conference. Telematics Conference hopes to become the leading conference in this part of the world. The conference will be organized every year in Dubai. This conference is a great opportunity for participants from the Middle East and Africa region and also for other companies outside the region that are focused in these markets, to learn, share and network.

The conference will bring together all key stakeholders, experts and R&D companies in the field. It will be focused on the importance of telematics, global trends in telematics, logistics and transport, but will also display important information and particularities regarding the local market.

Over 150 participants from Middle East, Africa and other countries from all over the world will be present at Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa. Among these will be governmental institutions in the areas of transport, logistic and telecommunications, experts in the area of telematics solutions, companies, and software development companies. Plus there will be attending, hardware development production companies, logistics companies, transport companies and M2M service providers.

According to ABI Research, by 2019, total global commercial telematics subscriptions will be three times higher than current figures. According to ABI Research’s press statements, recent subscriber numbers in commercial telematics have increased gradually in North American and Western European markets. But by 2019, the market research company predicts that telematics growth will be significant in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

So mature telematics providers such as Trimble, Telogis, TomTom, Masternaut, Arvento, MiX Telematics, Navman Wireless, Ituran, and many others are looking to penetrate new markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia.

Filomena Berardi, Senior Analyst at ABI said: “In recent research interviews conducted with many of the leading telematics providers it was made explicitly clear that going forward Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are strategic focuses for companies. Many markets are recognized as being tough nuts to crack and in many cases there are a number of local players already present so the ambitions are not without risks. The attraction to penetrating these markets lies in the huge volume potential and the genuine need for telematics to help resolve a catalogue of issues.”

Telematics Conference, which also believes that growth in telematics will increasingly be more global, is hoping to catch the trend with its latest Middle East and Africa edition.

Automotive Industries spoke to Alenka Bezjak Mlakar, Conference Director, Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa.

AI: What made your firm decide on introducing a Telematics Conference edition for the Middle East and Africa?

Alenka: We checked the current situation in the telematics sector, especially in the telematics for fleet management solutions. According to our market research, Middle East and Africa region will be the next fast growing market in the telematics industry. Therefore we decided to launch the first telematics focused conference and exhibition in Dubai. We have learned some valuable lessons from our Telematics Conference SEEurope, so we made a step further and started new chapter with Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa.

AI: What makes these markets so important in the telematics universe?

Alenka: Middle East and Africa region already have many important telematics solutions providers, so when going to these markets you need to be prepared to have many local competitors already there. But what is really important is that these markets are really big, with many commercial vehicles and a lot of transport and logistics companies. On the other hand, market penetration rate is lower than in North America, Western and Northern Europe, thus Middle East and Africa offers many opportunities for TSPs, but also responsibilities for doing business in the region.

AI: What kind of response are you hoping for at your first Middle East and Africa edition in March 2015?

Alenka: We have many enquiries from telematics solution providers from the region as well as from around the world. We have also 15 exhibition booths for those companies wanting to expose more and to show their state of the art products and services to the global telematics audience. We are expecting 150 delegates, mostly TSPs, M2M providers, logistics and transport specialist, consultants and governmental institutions from the region and from the outside.

AI: Tell us a little about the interest evinced in the conference by telematics firms – please give examples.

Alenka: Just after the conference launch, we received a lot of interest and registrations from global and local TSPs, mostly companies working in telematics for fleet management solutions. They all expressed the lack of this kind of telematics focused conference and exhibition in this region. Because this is our first edition of Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa, we stress a lot of importance on good speakers, representative exhibitors and great networking. We emphasize the value of networking as our competitive advantage. We always want to give our participants the best value for money, so the conference fee includes two additional networking events – one before and one after the event. We truly believe, this is the place where people can do business and get to know the real face of the telematics

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