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Vacuum Insulation Panel industry players form new global association – VIPA International

Hanita Coatings takes active role in management of new industry association

Hanita Coatings, a leading manufacturer of ultra-high barrier films for insulation, recently played a key role in the newly-formed trade association of the Vacuum Insulation Panel industry – VIPA International.  The new global trade association represents the interests of its member companies, and is dedicated to raising awareness of the efficiency, potential and capabilities of this super-insulating technology.


VIPA International will focus its efforts on educating stakeholders and the public about vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) and their exceptional efficiency in the insulation of appliances, buildings and transport.  The founding members will also be playing an active role in the development and standardization of high energy efficiency insulation regulations globally.


Ten companies participated in the creation of the new association:


  • Evonik Industries
  • Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material
  • Hanita Coatings
  • Kingspan Insulation
  • Knauf Insulation
  • Owens Corning
  • Rexor
  • Thermal Visions
  • Turna
  • va-Q-tec


Roland Caps of va-Q-tec and Oved Shapira of Hanita Coatings were elected as President and Vice-President of the association.   Following his appointment as Vice President, Oved Shapira stated: “I’m excited that VIPA International has launched so smoothly, with such a response from the major players in the market.  I hope that VIPA will succeed in giving the VIP industry a concerted voice in the market, particularly to promote awareness of the technology’s exceptional contribution to improving energy efficiency.”


Vacuum insulation panels are an ultra-thin, high performing insulation technology which is widely used in appliances such as highly energy efficient refrigerators and deep-freezers.  Recently the panels started to play a growing role in the building sector, where their reduced thickness and high thermal performance can contribute to high energy efficiency building, with an insulation performance five to twenty times better than conventional materials.


In the coming months, ramp-up activities on the agenda of the association will include approving the Bylaws, finalizing the incorporation process and driving membership recruitment. The association website will shortly be online at


About Hanita Coatings: 

Hanita Coatings RCA Ltd is a leading provider of engineered films and laminates.  Founded in 1983, and situated in Kibbutz Hanita, Israel, Hanita Coatings’ filmic products traditionally service the label and print industry, the appliance market and the field of glass security. Hanita’s engineered films increasingly support the clean tech sector, with energy efficient solar control window films to upgrade the performance of glazing, photovoltaic back sheets to protect and enhance PV modules, and high performance vacuum insulation laminates used in the insulation of buildings and appliances.


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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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