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Interview with Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, President and CEO, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

Q: Mr. Dornscheidt, the exhibitor registration deadline for K 2016 was a few weeks ago. How would you rate the response from the global plastics and rubber industry?

A:  Extremely positive! The demand for exhibition space has increased once again and all of the 19 halls at the Düsseldorf exhibition center are completely booked. More than 3,000 exhibitors from all five continents will take part and present their innovations. The spectrum of participating companies ranges from globally operating industrial groups to start-ups and covers all segments of the world market for polymers. K 2016 will present a panorama of unmatched breadth and depth.

Q: Will all of the companies who have registered actually be able to take part?

We will keep our promise: all companies that registered by May 31and whose products meet the K 2016 nomenclature will be allocated a stand. In some cases, it might be necessary to compromise on the stand size, but I am confident that we will find a good solution for everyone.

Q; What is so special about K in Düsseldorf? Other industry events have large numbers of exhibitors, too.

A: K is the platform for the plastics and rubber industry where premieres are presented. No other trade fair sparks so many new ideas and impulses.  Right now, companies throughout the industry are already working hard to make sure they present themselves in the best light when the date comes around in October 2016. And “in the best light” stands for “with interesting innovations”. Because innovative products are the most important asset in a competitive environment. Only those who can offer new technologies that bring real benefits to their customers will be able to hold their own against strong competition.

Another unique feature of K is its high degree of internationality, both on the exhibitor and on the visitor side. This guarantees that trade visitors will find world-class products and services in every area covered. And it gives the exhibitors the opportunity to meet industry experts from over 100 countries and establish contacts with potential customers that they might not have been able to reach in other ways.

Q: So innovation will take center stage at K 2016. Will there be additional offerings providing insights into new developments and perspectives in addition to the products the exhibitors will show?

A: Companies from the industry and research institutes will take advantage of K 2016 to highlight developments and future prospects in the plastics and rubber industry. This will be done not only at the exhibitors’ stands but also in the extensive supporting program which will offer the trade visitors another range of interesting topics. To mention just two:

The special show in Hall 6 will give insights into how plastics can shape the future and solve tomorrow’s challenges – in functional, aesthetic and sustainable ways. Topics like resource efficiency, lightweight construction, new materials and Industry 4.0, and even the controversial marine litter, will be addressed in panel discussions and presented through multiple media. The special show is organized by the German plastics industry under the auspices of PlasticsEurope Deutschland and Messe Düsseldorf.

While the special show is directed at industry decision-makers and also reaches the general public through multipliers and the media, the Science Campus is the meeting place for the scientific community. This is where institutions, universities and other establishments will present their latest research results in the complex field of plastics and rubber and connect with industrial users.

Q; With such a broad array of offerings, will the trade visitors be able to find all the highlights at the trade fair?

A: Yes, of course! K 2016 offers huge variety, but at the same time it is very clearly structured. The exhibition halls are dedicated to the specific areas of • raw materials, auxiliaries • semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics • machinery and equipment, and • services

This structure ensures that each visitor can easily locate the exhibitors he/she is interested in. An extensive range of web-based services makes planning very easy before and during visits of K 2016. As an additional resource, the Innovation Compass will be optimized to allow even better identification of the new developments presented by exhibitors.

Q: The global events calendar for the plastics and rubber industry has seen quite a commotion recently regarding shifting of dates. How does this affect K 2016?

A: Thanks to its scope and the unrivalled internationality, K has a very special standing in the world. It is seen as the heart of the industry and the starting point for major decisions regarding products, processes and solutions. One of the key reasons why K is so successful is its concept, which we designed from the very beginning in consultation with manufacturers and processers and their industry associations and have continued to develop jointly with them ever since. This interaction has proved to be a winning combination and ensured that the trade fair has remained the undisputed leader for decades. And right now we are hearing that suppliers and decision-makers have a very high preference for Düsseldorf. People in the industry are rescheduling their events calendar worldwide to ensure that nothing conflicts with K.

Notes for AI readers:

K 2016- The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber October 19 – 26, 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany

The world’s premier trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry will once again present the entire range of products and services the industry has to offer, from the latest state-of-the-art and groundbreaking innovations to visionary developments. At K 2013, a total of 3,220 exhibitors from 59 countries showcased their capabilities and 218,000 trade visitors from over 100 countries used this event as a business platform for information and investments. 82% of visitors at K 2013 were directly involved in investment decisions. The visitors at K are manufacturers of plastic and rubber products as well as developers, designers and manufacturing specialists from user industries, such as the automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, aerospace and construction sectors.

K 2016 will occupy all 19 halls of the Düsseldorf exhibition center. Suppliers of machinery and equipment are traditionally the largest group among the exhibitors and their live presentations of sophisticated production units offer a globally unique experience. The producers of raw materials, semi-finished products and technical parts will focus on new products and applications in addition to energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.

K 2016 show hours will be from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm daily from Wednesday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 26. More details are available online at and on the social networks:




   For information on visiting or exhibiting at K 2016, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail:; Visit our web site; Subscribe to our blog at; Follow us on twitter at



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