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HELLA’s innovative lighting solutions on the Audi A4

Full LED rear lamps include homogeneous tail lights and turn signals
HELLA's innovative lighting solutions on the Audi A4

The new Audi A4 recently introduced in Europe is the ninth generation of Audi’s popular mid-sized model.

The A4’s lighting system offers a blend of technology and aesthetics. HELLA-designed features include rear combination lamps with innovative LED technology, a lighting-control unit for actuating headlamps and additional small exterior lamps, as well as a roof module and rear lamp in the interior.

The new Audi’s rear combination lamp, with all functions using innovative LED technology, reflects the unmistakable light signature of the Ingolstadt-based auto maker. Of particular note are the distinctive homogeneous tail lights, which provide high visibility from any viewing angle.

The LED light source bounces off a channel-type reflector onto a secondary lens that diffuses the light. The rear combination lamps also feature Audi’s distinctive dynamic turn signals, which are only available in Europe and are similar to those on the luxury A8 and A7 models. A special piece of hardware on the actuating circuit board, coupled with corresponding software, actuates three separate LEDs when the turn indicator is engaged to achieve a “wiping” effect in the direction of travel. The software that controls the process also can be used to produce additional lighting effects. The rear combination lamp also is available with conventional bulbs.

In addition, HELLA provides the rear lamp and a roof module in the vehicle’s interior. The roof module is equipped with a moon roof control, loudspeaker and microphone. Support for roadside assistance calls and an SOS button can be integrated as well.

For the first time in a mid-sized vehicle, interior lighting also can be switched on and off or dimmed via a touchless switch function. To engage this feature, the user merely positions his or her hand close to the interior lamp to activate the function.

HELLA underscores its competency in combining lighting and electronics solutions with a lighting control unit that actuates the headlamps. The unit controls the daytime running and position lights of the LED headlamps, as well as the “wiping” turn indicator. The system makes room for upgrades so that additional lighting effects can be integrated in the future. The lighting control unit also activates stepper motors for the headlamp leveling system.

HELLA also has equipped the new Audi A4 with smaller lights that use LED technology, including the auxiliary indicator in the outside mirror, an additional stop lamp and the license plate light.





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Tue. May 28th, 2024

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