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G-Coat(TM) Process from SRG Global(TM) Offers Metallic Finishes with Unlimited Tint Options for Vehi

G-Coat(TM) Process from SRG Global(TM) Offers Metallic Finishes with Unlimited Tint Options for Vehi

To help automakers better facilitate pushing the boundaries of design, styling and functionality, SRG Global(TM) – a leading global manufacturer of chrome-plated and painted plastic parts for the automotive, commercial truck and household appliance industries – has officially introduced its G-Coat(TM) tint-over-chrome process solution.

“One of our company’s core innovation pillars is the importance of design. We see automobiles as an extension of a consumer preferences, personality and lifestyle, and our products are often considered to be the ‘jewelry’ of the car,” said Dave Prater, President and CEO of SRG Global. “This proprietary process allows our automaker customers more flexibility and options when adding differentiation to their vehicles.”

The G-Coat process delivers distinct metallic surface finishes for both exterior and interior applications and regularly improves paint adhesion to any chrome-plated plastic part. It offers nearly unlimited custom color options, including a high optical density deep black finish not achievable by other technologies.

The process also provides enhanced corrosion protection and fingerprint resistance compared to other processes and meets multiple automotive OEM performance standards for basecoat and clear coat paint systems.

“The G-Coat process was refined over many months with a significant amount of learning and discovery made during this development that helped create the final, robust and recognized competitive product offering,” said David Dunford, Vice President of Engineering & Innovation of SRG Global.

“During the process of development, failing in the early phases is a must,” Dunford said. “We want to know the possibilities, boundaries and limits, and discovering these things early in the process helps us to learn and deliver a far superior final product.”

About SRG Global(TM)

SRG Global, a Guardian company, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high value coatings on plastic for the automotive, commercial truck and consumer goods industries with a manufacturing presence in major world regions including North America, Western and Central Europe and Asia. SRG Global is headquartered near Detroit, Michigan. Through its Advanced Development Centers in Taylor MI, USA; Liria, Spain; and Suzhou, China, SRG Global works to enhance manufacturing processes and accelerates development and delivery of the next generation of materials, coating technologies and sub-systems. SRG Global engineers solutions globally for greater surface durability, structural integrity, enhanced functionality, vehicle efficiency and optimal design flexibility. The result is the development of innovative exterior and interior products and processes that create value for our customers and consumers, and create a positive impact in our environment and society. Beyond the fini  sh(TM).

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Thu. November 30th, 2023

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