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Clarion Celebrates Automotive Design as Sponsor of ArtCenter College of Design Car Classic 2016

Clarion to Showcase Latest Star Car of Clarion Builds Program and Donate Award-Winning Full Digital Sound System to the to the Hyundai & Kia Innovation Lab at ArtCenter
Clarion Celebrates Automotive Design as Sponsor of ArtCenter College of Design Car Classic 2016

Clarion Corporation of America, a leader in consumer and commercial mobile electronics, announced today that it will be on-site as a sponsor of this year’s Car Classic event presented by ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA, to celebrate car culture and the very best in automotive design. As part of its participation at this year’s Car Classic event, Clarion will be showcasing its latest Clarion Builds star car, combining both timeless exterior and interior designs with modern conveniences and cutting-edge audio technology. Additionally, Clarion will be donating a complete set of the innovative new Full Digital Sound (FDS) system to the college’s transportation lab for design research.


“Technology integration is a large part of the design challenge for most cars, especially when it comes to today’s automotive interiors,” said Jay Sanders, Executive Director of the Undergraduate Transportation Design Department at ArtCenter College of Design. “We are pleased to have Clarion donate award-winning equipment for use in our Hyundai & Kia Innovation Lab, where industry-leading education, instruction, demonstration and student experimentation takes place. Technologies such as Clarion’s FDS have the potential to reshape the future of automotive interior design by dramatically reducing the size, weight and number of components required for high-end audio systems.”


“Additionally, to have Clarion–a major OEM supplier of automotive electronics to tier-one brands–involved as a sponsor of this year’s event, really helps us celebrate all facets of automotive culture,” Sanders continued. “Their Clarion Builds program has been an exciting showcase of how passionate automotive enthusiasts can artistically breathe new life into iconic classic automotive designs, and we are thrilled to have their latest build on display at this year’s event.”


“The entire team here at Clarion is comprised of automotive enthusiasts who truly appreciate the art and passion that goes into crafting vehicles with iconic style,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Clarion’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning and the Chief of the Clarion Builds program. “We realize that a great deal of talented designers within the industry cultivated their craft at ArtCenter College of Design, and we are pleased to be a part of that development, and that includes participating in the annual Car Classic event that shares and celebrates a great deal of what we also hold dear as a leader in automotive entertainment and safety systems.”


The College’s annual Car Classic event serves as a reminder that behind every beautifully designed car, there is a story cultivated by an innovative and talented designer. For more than a decade, Car Classic has examined automotive culture and vehicle architecture through the lens of design. More than just another high-profile car show, this popular public event, held at ArtCenter’s Hillside Campus in Pasadena, celebrates the very best in automotive design, showcasing the College’s strong ties to the industry and honoring many noteworthy alumni.


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