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Hanon Systems Delivers Vehicle Cabin Comfort with Intelligent Air Quality Solutions

Hanon Systems Delivers Vehicle Cabin Comfort with Intelligent Air Quality Solutions

Hanon Systems (KS:018880), a leading global provider of automotive thermal and energy management solutions, continues its focus to supply eco-friendly and efficient solutions that deliver cabin comfort to vehicle occupants.


The latest in the company’s suite of solutions to provide cabin comfort includes a portfolio of innovations centered on intelligent air quality, which is intended to create home-like comfort for vehicle occupants.


“The ability to add great value to automakers extends beyond supplying individual components or systems,” said In-Young Lee, president and chief executive officer of Hanon Systems. “Our focus is to apply market insights, a system and vehicle-level understanding, and a passion to introduce solutions that can significantly change the way vehicles are designed, heated and cooled; and that provides a comfortable cabin environment for vehicle occupants.”


One solution from Hanon Systems that leverages the company’s system integration capabilities is a multi-function air purifier that can be conveniently packaged in areas such as the armrest. Intelligent air quality solutions that can be combined or integrated separately include:


*            Ultraviolet (UV) LED photocatalyst – this patented and award-winning innovation improves cabin air quality by eliminating 99 percent of odor-causing bacteria from the evaporator and absorbed gases from outside of the vehicle. Easily mounted on HVAC, the module encapsulates a titanium oxide sponge that creates a hydroxyl radical when activated to deodorize and purify the vehicle’s interior air quality.


*            CO2 sensor – this solution monitors the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the cabin and signals the HVAC module to introduce fresh air when levels exceed the threshold.


*            Ionizer – located between the blower and the evaporator, this solution uses high voltage to charge the air by creating positive and negative ion clusters to remove organic compounds and eliminate microorganisms from the HVAC.


*            Fragrance system – installed in the HVAC, occupants can select a scent and toggle the system on and off to diffuse aroma into the cabin. The system includes control algorithms that intermittently opens and closes the device to maintain the selected aroma intensity.


Hanon Systems will showcase its latest intelligent air quality solutions at the Seoul Motor Show 2017, which runs from March 30 through April 9.


About Hanon Systems

Hanon Systems is a full-line supplier of automotive thermal and energy management solutions. Products include heating ventilation and air conditioning; powertrain cooling; compressors; fluid transport; and thermal and emissions solutions for conventional and electric, hybrid, fuel cell and autonomous vehicles. With 40 manufacturing sites, three regional innovation centers and 14 engineering locations across 20 countries, the company employs more than 16,500 people. To learn more, visit <> .