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Advanced autonomous vehicle software on display at Consumer Electronics Show

Advanced autonomous vehicle software on display at Consumer Electronics Show

The University of Waterloo will be onsite at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 8-12, showcasing software operating an autonomous vehicle, providing safety assurance for autonomous driving.

Advanced software developed at Waterloo will operate the Renesas autonomy vehicle, with vehicle driving demonstrations operated by Renesas staff and Waterloo researchers. Waterloo will also exhibit in the Renesas tent at CES.

The Waterloo exhibit will feature presentations of:

*            Object detection implemented using the latest in machine learning

*            Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

*            Behavioral prediction of cars and pedestrians

Waterloo faculty and staff onsite in Las Vegas:

*            Sebastian Fischmeister, associate professor in electrical and computer engineering

*            Steven Waslander, associate professor in mechanical and mechatronics engineering

*            Nikolas Stewart, program manager of autonomous vehicles

*            Ross McKenzie, managing director of automotive research

Waterloo is a leading North American research source for connectivity and autonomous driving.

About the University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is Canada’s top innovation university. With more than 36,000 students we are home to the world’s largest co-operative education system of its kind. Our unmatched entrepreneurial culture, combined with an intensive focus on research, powers one of the top innovation hubs in the world. Find out more at

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