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Autonomous Vehicle System Simulation Startup Metamoto Reveals Early Engagement Program

Autonomous Vehicle System Simulation Startup Metamoto Reveals Early Engagement Program

Metamoto, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup offering scalable simulation solutions for autonomous vehicles, announced it has enlisted an assembly of leading automotive players in its early engagement program. The announcement coincides with the start of Metamoto’s Series A fundraising on the heels of a successful $2M seed round fundraise, led by investor group Motus Ventures and UL, a strategic investor, in July.


Participants were selected to ensure perspectives were represented from across the transportation value chain, including: OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, transportation network companies (TNCs) and stack, sensor and other technology providers. All engagement projects are already in progress or in the final stages of planning.


Through its structured early engagement program, Metamoto will foster the process of learning via an accelerated feedback loop to enable iteration before the launch of the company’s highly-anticipated Simulation as a Service offering for autonomous system training, testing, debugging and validation workflows.


“The program is more than a business development methodology,” said Chad Partridge, CEO of Metamoto. “It provides us with the necessary tools to continuously test our vision and be held accountable for our innovation. Simulation allows our customers to amass the billions of miles of virtual testing needed for validation in a single cycle, outpacing physical testing by an order of magnitude. While government and local regulations about testing autonomous vehicles on public roads are in a state of flux, simulation offers an immediate means to test the performance of autonomous systems in a risk-free environment.”


Metamoto’s simulation products deliver scalability and precise, unified simulation of a variety of sensors including LiDAR, camera, radar, GPS, IMU and others. Furthermore, Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service offering allows customers to run tests across a spectrum of environmental and hardware parameters and unique edge cases to identify isolated outcomes, performance boundaries and system tolerances.


“Self-testing and certification has been the automotive industry standard. Simulations allow OEMs to train, test, debug and validate their software internally to self-certify,” added Partridge. “Similarly, stack and sensor providers can use simulations to self-test their individual components to ensure they adhere to the safety and standards procedures of OEMs.”


About Metamoto, Inc.


Metamoto brings best practices for training, testing, developing and validating autonomous system software to world-class enterprises and is a provider of superior simulation-centric products and services. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Metamoto was founded in 2016 by a veteran team of enterprise software entrepreneurs with numerous software engineering and autonomous systems successes. The team features scalable continuous test and integration discipline and expertise steeped in simulation, computer vision, machine learning, standards and regulations. To learn more, visit

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