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Nexar Launches API for Mapping

Nexar <> , the provider of the worlds largest safe driving network, announced Nexar’s first API, Lights, at Mapbox’s Locate conference. Lights API is Nexar’s Traffic Light Prediction API, which will provide partners with real-time information about the phase of every traffic light in any given city. Accurate knowledge of the phase of each traffic light will result in improved energy and fuel consumption, pollution control, routing systems, more accurate ETA, and lessen the chance of drivers running red lights.

Lights data will be used by municipal partners to gain access to a live picture of their cities’ ebb and flow, enabling traffic light optimization and the instant detection of infrastructure error or malfunction, and endless possibilities for transit and operational adjustment and improvements. Rideshare companies will be able to take advantage of the live insights to optimize their routing and improve travel times. For the developers of autonomous vehicle technology and systems to increase safety while training these systems. 

The Lights API is the first in a series of data products coming as part of Nexar’s new data platform, which will create a new type of map. Anonymized data sourced from Nexar’s driver network will be used to produce a constant stream of real-time data to create a map as dynamic as the roads themselves, enabling the creation of an ‘air traffic control for the road’ system. By utilizing a network of drivers using the Nexar app, Lights, and additional data products can easily scale to any region.   

“With Lights, we can predict the phase of every traffic light in a city, which will help our partners create solutions to reduce running red lights and increase safety on their roads,” said Eran Shir. “Seeing and mapping roads in real-time will allow Nexar and our partners to gain a detailed understanding of the streets, and the city as a whole, at any given moment. This understanding will solve real problems for our partners and ultimately secure safer roads now and for the autonomous future.”

Once live, the platform and map will roll out features including traffic light monitoring, congestion, road hazards, infrastructure malfunctions, stopped cars, pedestrians, street signs, cyclists, emergency vehicles and more, is the next step in increasing safety and vehicle coordination. This will be made available to OEMs, rideshare, and municipal partners for improving road safety, reducing congestion,  mapping, navigation optimization, and city planning.

The Lights API will be made available for select partners in Q3 and Q4 and for all interested parties in Q1 of 2019.

About Nexar

Nexar connects cars in the world’s largest open vehicle-to-vehicle network. Leveraging connected smartphones, car cameras, and sensors, Nexar provides real-time alerts to prevent vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian collisions. Leveraging millions of crowd-sourced road miles jointed with sensor-fusion, deep-learning, and map-layering technologies, Nexar provides products and services for the Insurance, Automotive, and Mapping industries.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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