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LeddarTech Introduces Game-changing LiDAR Sensors at ITS World 2018

LeddarTech Introduces Game-changing LiDAR Sensors at ITS World 2018

New sensing solutions for e-tolling and traffic management applications, based on patented solid-state LiDAR technology, to be showcased at the world’s flagship ITS event.


LeddarTech is introducing two innovative LiDAR sensors aimed at improving the performance, reliability, and cost efficiency of various ITS applications that rely on highly accurate vehicle detection, positioning and profiling.




The powerful, reliable LiDAR sensor for free-flow e-tolling, traffic monitoring, and traffic law enforcement applications


Packaged in a weatherproof housing, this solid-state LiDAR sensor is specifically designed for traffic management systems—from city to highway applications. With a measurement rate of 200 Hz, the Leddar T16 offers highly accurate detection and profiling of high-speed vehicles as well as other types of traffic, such as bicycles and pedestrians, in any environmental conditions.




The flexible, cost-effective LiDAR sensor module for urban ITS applications


The versatile Leddar M16-LSR is a solid-state LiDAR module that is perfectly adaptable for integration into current and future ITS applications. The M16-LSR leverages highly efficient laser flash illumination with various field-of-view options and measurement rates of up to 100 Hz, making it the ideal sensor for city-speed applications and detecting vehicles passing through highway toll plazas.


LeddarTech will be showcasing these new products at ITS World in Copenhagen, Denmark, from Sept. 17 to 21. Stop by booth C4-056 for a first-hand look! To pre-book a meeting, please contact Yves Neron <> , LeddarTech’s Global Sales Director.


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