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Milliken introduces KeyPlast RESIST™: A spectrum of bright, high-performance colorants

Milliken introduces KeyPlast RESISTâ„¢: A spectrum of bright

Milliken & Company, recognized as a worldwide leader of plastic additives and colorants, announced today the launch of KeyPlast RESIST™, a spectrum of bright, high-performance colorants for engineering plastics.


Polyamide resins and high-heat engineering polymers present unique challenges in the world of plastics. The materials of choice in demanding electrical, automotive and industrial applications, polyamide resins and high-heat engineering polymers are subject to high-temperature processing and require steady, reliable performance properties, making vibrancy of color difficult to achieve.


Milliken has addressed this challenge with its KeyPlast RESIST range of colorants, which will officially launch at the K 2019 trade fair on Oct. 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. These products are specially designed for coloring engineering polymers such as polyamides, polyimides, PBT polysulfones, PEEK, PPO and other high-heat resins and alloys. KeyPlast RESIST colorants can be used effectively with unfilled, glass-filled, and flame-retardant grades of various polyamide types such as polyamide 6, 66, 46, and other high temperature engineering polymers.


“Keyplast RESIST meets the strong requirements in another fast-growing application area—that of electrical vehicles and their charging system requirements,” said Sami T.K. Palanisami, Milliken Global Product Line Manager, Plastic Colorants.


The new range delivers the brilliant, consistent colors—including bright orange, yellow, red, blue and green—and the high-end properties that users demand. These colorants offer improved weather resistance and light fastness, are high purity and perform well in the high-temperature and chemically-reductive conditions typically associated with high-performance polymers.


Milliken continues to develop vibrant, high-performance colorants for a diverse set of demanding and sustainable applications. Learn more at


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Milliken has been solving everyday problems with innovative solutions for more than 150 years. Our research, design, and manufacturing expertise reaches across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemicals, floor covering, healthcare and performance and protective textiles. An unwavering commitment to ethics guides our work to redefine how we add strength and protection to products, how we infuse vibrancy and color into our surroundings, and how we care for the environment. For us, success is when discoveries made within Milliken help us all have more meaningful connections with the world. Discover Milliken at


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