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FELIXprinters Releases Videos Showcasing Key Features of its Industrial AM Platforms

FELIXprinters has just announced the release of a series of videos that highlight the key unique attributes of it range of industrial AM machines.

FELIXprinters has just announced the release of a series of videos that highlight the key unique attributes of it range of industrial AM machines.

As many sectors have shifted their manufacturing workflow to incorporate additive manufacturing (AM), FELIXprinters has positioned itself and its portfolio to serve the changing needs of industry. This has been achieved through careful attention to detail, listening to what customers say, and developing products and features to meet their needs.

THE VIDEOS — FELIXprinters Pro3 / FELIXprinters Pro L & XL

Wilgo Feliksdal, co-founder of FELIXprinters says, “From the end of 2018, FELIXprinters has launched the Pro 3, L, and XL platforms for industrial production applications. The Pro 3 was developed to integrate seamlessly into industrial workflows, whether that is in an office, a workshop, laboratory, or factory environment. The priority was to deliver a 3D printer that produces optimized print results repeatably. This is what customers told FELIXprinters was most frustrating for them in their day-to-day operations with 3D printing, and these are the issues the company set out to address with the Pro 3.”


The FELIX Pro L and XL 3D printers have been developed with greatly increased build volumes, up to 144 Litres (the Pro L can build parts up to 300 x 400 x 400 mm or 11.8” x 15.75” x 15.75”; while the Pro XL has a build chamber of 600 x 400 x 600 mm or 23.62″ x 15.75″ x 23.62″). To ensure the quality and reliability upon which FELIXprinters has built its reputation, both of these larger systems incorporate highly engineered print chambers, which incorporate an enclosed warm zone and a cold zone. The warm zone supports consistent temperature control during the build, which is particularly important when printing materials with a high shrinkage factor, such as ABS, carbon fiber or Nylon. In contrast, the cool zone is where the electronics are housed, to prevent overheating and subsequent machine/build failure.


With the scale up, however, both the Pro L and Pro XL have also been designed specifically to be easily portable — at installation or within a manufacturing setting. Both can be easily transported through a normal office door opening (900 mm).


Guillaume Feliksdal, co-founder continues, “The new Pro L and XL system also come with a range of other automated and intelligent features that remove many of the tedious and time-consuming hurdles often associated with additive manufacturing and speeding up the overall process. A stand-out example of this is the design of the dual nozzle. When the dual extruders are printing together they are at different print levels, avoiding any collisions and minimizing print failure. Moreover, if one nozzle is idle, it is automatically rotated out of the way so that there is no interference with the printed part, again avoiding damage to the print (and print failure).”


The Pro L and XL models, like the Pro 3 system, feature an intuitive and large touchscreen module, with integrated print-server. This small but powerful octacore computer offers users key functionality for their day-to-day operations, reducing workflow bottlenecks commonly experienced with 3D printers. Functions include real-time remote webcam monitoring, multi-user control via a web interface, easy print file management, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, the ability to render g-codes, and the ability to create a time lapse of the print. With the touchscreen, the printer can be accessed via USB and/or WiFi and the unit can be connected in a (LAN) network or standalone. For a network setup the unit can control up to 7 stations for a single point. All of these features have been overheating and subsequent machine/build failure.


FELIXprinters hopes that the release of the videos will bring it home to potential customers how these key attributes work to the benefit of users, and make FELIXprinters’ solutions some of the most accurate and easy-to-use printers on the market today.


About FELIXprinters


FELIXprinters is headquartered in IJsselstein, the Netherlands, and was established in 2010, and provides top-end, robust, reliable, and competitively priced 3D printing solutions for industry users. Beyond the optimisation of its industrial range of printers, however, FELIXprinters has extensive engineering and R&D capabilities, which it is able to utilize to provide specific services in the development of tailor made, customised 3D printing platforms — working in partnership to produce new and innovative solutions.

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