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The Drive to 2040 – free Ricardo webinar on powertrain trends beyond the next decade

A free one-hour webinar to be hosted by Ricardo 12.00 GMT (07.00 EST/13.00 CET) on Thursday 26 March will explore the likely shape of the passenger car market and of automotive vehicle and powertrain development processes, through the next decade and beyond


This overview level webinar will focus on the shape of emerging shape of automotive markets and technology through to 2040. The webinar will provide an overview level introduction to the Ricardo vision for autonomous driving, changing vehicle architecture opportunities and attribute requirements, and the likely evolution of the design and development process over the next two decades.  Specifically, the Ricardo perspective will be outlined of the propulsion systems pathway and battery and charging solutions over the years to 2035.


Most automotive engineers will share the view that the most efficient use of renewable energy in passenger cars is through pure battery electric vehicles. This is reflected too in the efforts of policymakers to eliminate the internal combustion engine from the vehicle parc. The Ricardo view, however, is that it is unlikely that all transport around the world could be powered by battery electric technologies and certainly not at the pace envisaged. Instead, as the webinar will explain, achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions will require a more holistic view of total lifecycle impacts and sustainability, and a more risk-mitigated approach.  Ricardo thus sees an increasingly polarized passenger car market by 2030 in which two architectures will dominate: pure battery electric vehicles and high-efficiency ICE hybrids, potentially using a higher proportion of e-fuels and biofuels than those of today.


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