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Portable EV Charging Kit a game changer, portable and robust from Cyber Switching

Cyber Switching recently launched a new product called the EVMC 3.8. This fully portable kit is designed to charge as many as four Electric Vehicles (EVs) from one single 110 to 240v- 20Amp output using the EVMC’s proprietary rotational charge control system. The original Electric Vehicle Master Controller (EVMC) that feeds four or more EVs from one single 40Amp circuit, has been instrumental in helping companies and fleet managers to build out their EV charging infrastructure, especially where there’s limited electrical capacity.


The new EVMC3.8 (3.8 kilowatt) is used with Level2 16Amp charging stations provided in the kit. “A 20Amp receptacle is all that’s needed; if you can plug in an outlet you can install the system, that’s how simple it is,” says Company Founder Chuck Reynolds. ” The ability to have a portable device that plugs in and rotates the charge over the workday is essential. There is no need for an electrician, additional software, or a permit to install this portable unit. You save energy too!


The ultimate goal of various government initiatives is to increase the adoption of electric vehicles on the roads. The ability to get a charge when needed provides essential encouragement to dispel the range anxiety among prospective EV drivers. The EVMC3.8 requires very little set up; works in convenient locations; allows for up to four EVs to be charged in rotational manner, and offers a way for more of the population to become EV drivers. This new EVMC3.8 is ideal to introduce a Level2 charging solution for fleets or the workplace for employees to experience the benefits of EV driving.


Cyber Switching CTO Ron Silorio is excited to offer robust and reliable solutions for the challenges facing EV infrastructure implementation, he said. “The demands of consumers for EV charging coupled with the requirements put forth by the utilities and stakeholders, motivates us to create cost-effective solutions while focusing on sustainability and the health of the planet.”


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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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