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Click4Reg Study: Electric cars interest strong despite coronavirus uncertainty

The study concluded that electric cars are much better for the climate than petrol cars in 95% of the world. Whilst other research last week found that on a yearly basis, electric cars (9,435 miles) are driven 26% more miles  when compared to petrol cars (7,490 miles).


These astonishing statistics alongside the fact that people have more spare time during lockdown to thoroughly look into electric cars, inspired private number plates provider Click4Reg to discover which pure electric cars people are most curious about based on online search data using analytics tool Ahrefs.


The key findings from the research include:


*            Tesla Model 3 is the electric car people are most curious about, with an astonishing 1.6 million online searches a month – equivalent of 53,333 searches everyday

*            Nissan Leaf (552,000) and Tesla Model X (506,000) each receive over 500,000 monthly searches online

*            The Porsche Taycan (325,000) and BMW i3 (324,000) are each gaining more than 300,000 online searches per month

*            Smart EQ Forfour (2,800), Chevrolet Spark EV (3,600), Volkswagen e-Up (5,100) are among the electric vehicles that people are least curious about


Additionally, from a survey of 1,844 drivers (interested in but not owners of electric cars) found that:


*            39% stated they wanted to get a pure electric car this year (2020) but are not going to anymore because of uncertainty/concern about the coronavirus pandemic

*            Interestingly, 76% believe the lockdown has given them more time than ever before to thoroughly research and understand different aspects of electric cars

*            The primary medium those surveyed have used for researching electric cars over lockdown: online videos (31%), online news/magazine articles (25%), official car brands/models website (19%), blogs (13%), physical newspapers/magazines (10%) and podcasts (2%)

*            Despite the coronavirus crisis causing widespread chaos across several sectors, only 22% believe the disease will cause significant long-term damage to the electric car market

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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