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CryomatiKs is “Delivering energy out of thin air…..”

It sounds like magic, but it is real – technology that uses the air that we all breathe every single day as a “fuel” for transportation and providing valuable electricity. As the primary material is the free, abundant, unlimited air itself, this results in the full democratization of energy according to CryomatiKs Inc., the product development company that is commercializing the technology.


The process starts with the 100 year old proven method of chilling the atmospheric air down into a liquid (using off-peak low cost electricity), similar to water chilling into ice. The air is now a cold liquid which can be stored or transported to wherever and whenever energy is required. This liquid air is turned back into a gas with the use of an expander, thus providing work for producing electricity or other forms of power. A unique patented expander design being commercialized by CryomatiKs Inc. provides the ability to use the liquid air as a type of “fuel” that can be utilized by commercial vehicles without releasing any emissions. These methods also allow for a unique portable generator to provide valuable electricity anywhere and anytime, all while releasing zero emissions, thus these specific portable generators can even be operated indoors.


“The technology itself has existed for decades and the basic components are already mature,” says Mark Cann, CEO/ co-CTO of CryomatiKs Inc. “Right now the UK and US electricity markets are planning on using large scale liquid air based industrial systems, thus the process is already proven,” Cann continued, “however, our patented methods and designs provide the greatest environmental improvement and mass market potential by initially focusing on fleet vehicles, portable generators, and various types of recreational vehicles. Our Cryo based technology is a platform that can help enable many other technologies, including the goals of EVs 2.0 by offering zero emission technology for vehicles while also providing 5 minute quick refueling, safe fuel delivery services, and high efficiency wireless charging.”


Mr. Cann feels that Cryomatiks Inc. can help ease the minds of people that are concerned about emissions and other environmental issues. “Liquid air provides the ability to create an unlimited amount of a non-toxic, non-flammable ‘fuel.’ Since air is available everywhere on the planet, the raw supply of the air cannot be controlled by any one entity, industry group, or country. The air is cleaner than when the process started so our designs help purify the air as well by removing existing pollution. How can anyone not be in favor of having cleaner air?”


How to be involved?


CryomatiKs Inc. has chosen the Indiegogo platform ( to help spread awareness of this exciting Zero Emission Technology. “The before and after photos taken around the globe during the economic shutdowns have clearly shown the direct impact that transportation vehicles have on our cities,” stated Mr. Cann, “fortunately our technology helps clean the air we all breathe of current pollution while also preventing the release of future pollution, and we can do this economically, which is a complete game changer.”


About: CryomatiKs Inc. is a product development company that specializes in providing unique and valuable solutions for the multi-trillion dollar energy, transportation, and wireless industries. Our goal is the “full democratization of clean sustainable energy meeting the basics needs and opportunities of people regardless of their location.” Patented designs being commercialized by the company allow the well-established process of cooling air down into a liquid to serve as the basis of an unlimited, non-toxic, non-flammable “fuel” that produces zero emissions.



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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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