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Corporate social responsibility

Also a hot iron… Some people think they have a company to make as much money as possible – and that’s it. No matter how, no matter what, no matter with whom, It won’t work well in an enlightened society (Hopefully). Moreover, such attitudes and behavior do not do justice to the honorable merchant, solid entrepreneurship and the principles of free and social market economy, neither at the back nor at the front. Companies have a social and societal responsibility to fulfill otherwise they are useless!

Brands are often the visible figureheads of companies. Brands reflect what the management thinks, how they act and according to which principles they lead the company. If there is nothing to be seen in this mirror of ethics, morals, decency, social responsibility and social benefit, the customer will move along and leave the brand, company and products behind – no matter how cheap they are.

The whole spectrum of a company has a lot to do with trust because not everything that is important is visible, even in our age of Internet based transparency trust is needed – not only in institutions and companies, but first and foremost in the people behind them, who embody and exemplify the company, the brand, the corporate philosophy, the values and principles. Especially in times of crisis, people look behind the facade and want to know which company and which people are behind the services and goods offered.

Then it’s good if you don’t just thrash out semantic empty phrases from the marketing kit but truly live and love the brand, remain true to your principles and accept your responsibility. People quickly recognize whether the text was created by an advertising agency or originates authentically from the brain, heart and soul of a team that stands for the product benefits as well as the brand core, corporate values and the social responsibility of a company.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I see how some corporate leaders trample on their social and societal responsibilities in order to make a few cents more profit. People are being laid off or sent on short time, corporate standards ignored, whined and begged for help from the state and at the same time publicity stunts are being held to improve the company’s image… Not to mention lavish profit distributions, using all the tax tricks available, combined with fierce social dumping.

Building confidence through authentic, sustainable corporate management and branding can be done differently. The economy must serve people and not the other way round! Solidarity with society, loyalty to individuals, to the community and to the state, as well as decent & considerate business practices are what people expect from a company whose products they should buy, more than ever. And more than ever, WE are striving to master this task every day, to justify the trust placed in us and to live up to our social, societal responsibility.


Ernst Prost

Managing Director

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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