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The Smart Lockbox for Cars Built for Social Distancing and Contactless Auto Services

The BiigVault is a smart lockbox technology that provides remote access to cars, enabling contactless delivery and automotive services among consumers, businesses and service providers. With the after-effects of COVID-19 certainly changing consumer behavior, consumers will prefer less contact with other people to reduce the risk of virus’ spread. Consumers will prefer contactless solutions for receiving deliveries, groceries, oil changes, and more. The BiigVault will not only propel Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) that immediately unlocks several opportunities for OEMs, car dealerships and businesses to serve customers in ways that have never been done before, it will also provide a unique and timely solution to the emerging contactless economy.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Biig has partnered with Wunder Mobility, Hertz, The World Economic Forum, and Allianz Partners in the #WeAllMove movement, providing mobility solutions to medical professionals, delivery service employees, and all frontline workers who are risking their safety during this time of crisis. The movement is meant to unleash the power of collaboration in different sectors during the unprecedented circumstances. As the total number of car-sharing customers begin to decline, there will be a surge in demand for an alternative car ownership model that prioritizes safety, affordability, and convenience.


In the post-COVID-19 world, social and physical distancing will have a significant impact on mobility behavior and preferences. Consumers and car owners will be searching for the ability to minimize physical contact to reduce the risk of virus’ spread. They will want a solution that lets them give service providers secure access to their car and that can be used to receive and protect their mailed packages, keep them from misplacing their car keys, keep track of their car’s location, and allow car owners to get oil changes and repairs remotely.


Remote access to vehicles will also revolutionize how shopping for cars is done. With the BiigVault, pre- approved customers will have the ability to simply go to a car dealership’s parking lot, get an access code to the BiigVault’s smart lockbox, and take the car for a test drive without having to interact with a dealer sales’ agent. Removing the sales’ agent from the car buying and rental experience, not only improves customer experience but also enables car dealerships to adhere to the CDC guidelines of social distancing, limiting exposure for the safety of employees and car buyers. With data on driving history, activities, time-stamped location, and access logs provided by the BiigVault, security is maximized allowing for alternative shopping models and car-sharing businesses to rapidly grow in a post-COVID-19 world.


“As the stay-at-home order is gradually being lifted, car dealerships and other businesses need to build consumer confidence. It won’t be enough for carmakers to blast advertisements and incentives. Dealers, carmakers, and other automotive companies that will prioritize consumer confidence will earn the trust, loyalty, and business of post-pandemic consumers,” said Charlene Consolacion, co-founder and CEO of Biig. “This is the time to rethink and reboot our industry and look from the lens of people and the new reality.”


About Biig


We contribute to innovation and solve one of the biggest technological barriers streamlining IoT deployments while championing customer experience in the automotive and logistics’ industries. Biig pioneers the BiigVault, a connected lockbox that holds the license plate for key storage, tamper detection, accident notification, car sharing, location tracking, and overall visibility of a vehicle.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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