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Osram Automotive uses product content platform loadbee for e-commerce

The Automotive (AM) business unit of the high-tech photonics company Osram aims to provide its customers with the most detailed information possible on the installation, functionality, and advantages of its products across all online retailers. To achieve this, Osram AM is working with the product content platform loadbee. This lets the manufacturer ensure that all relevant product information on associated retailers’ product pages is quickly adapted and immediately visible in its current version at all connected retailers.


The more complex the product, the more detail is needed when describing its installation, functionality and advantages. This is why Osram AM makes full use of all media possibilities, providing information on product advantages, installation, and specifications in the form of videos, images, 3D graphics, and text files via loadbee.


Product content injections on product detail pages


loadbee, the platform provider from Stuttgart, helps Osram AM present its products on online retail outlets in a comprehensive and up-to-date manner. Online retailers only need to insert the loadbee code into their web shop to automatically and immediately receive extensive, meaningful multimedia product information from brands – automated and in real time. In the shops, the brand product content supplements the product information that is already available. The additional product information is guaranteed to be high quality because it comes directly from the manufacturer, and Osram has a keen interest in explaining its own products to target groups and highlighting the products’ appeal.


loadbee provides Osram AM and more than 300 other brands with a platform where they can upload their multimedia product descriptions and arrange and design them in line with their brand identity. loadbee then integrates the branded product descriptions into the sales pages of more than 1,300 online shops.


Correct and up-to-date product information from the brand via the loadbee platform


Thanks to loadbee, Osram AM can ensure that customers always receive up-to-date, complete, and correct product information. Osram AM works closely with its retail partners: their products are sold through a variety of platforms, marketplaces, and shops. It is particularly important that each product detail page is optimally maintained, and that all product information is up to date. Normally, this would entail a considerable amount of data maintenance, but loadbee allows Osram AM to react quickly to changing requirements and provide updates and necessary product information to customers in real time.


Multilingual product descriptions


Another advantage of the loadbee platform is that it can provide product content in several languages. In the shop, customers can read the manufacturer’s product description in the language they understand best, even if the online shop does not offer this language. This makes it possible to inform and reach all customers in an optimal way, which is important given the fact that e-commerce is becoming increasingly important around the globe and that customers often speak different languages even within a single country. This is reason enough for Osram AM to focus on internationality in terms of product content.


Strengthening e-commerce as an independent sales channel


Osram AM sees a great deal of potential in strengthening online retail as an independent sales channel and making all relevant information accessible via the product content platform loadbee.


“In addition to our website and social media channels, using e-commerce is a great opportunity for us to provide end customers with media content and get them excited about the Osram brand,” says Doris Zebisch, Digital Marketing Manager SEO & E-COM at Osram.


loadbee also allows Osram AM to gain interesting insights into different user preferences. In the loadbee evaluation area, loadbee’s clients can see which products are viewed how often and in which shops. This information enables Osram AM to optimize its product range as well as the way it uses multimedia communication to address customers.




With the loadbee platform, Osram Automotive is making targeted use of e-commerce to reach its end customers internationally and to address them in a target-group-oriented manner. loadbee enables Osram Automotive to provide its retail partners with comprehensive, up-to-date product information in consistently high quality, even for complex products, and therefore to react quickly to changing requirements.


About Osram

Osram, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a leading global high-tech company for light and sensor applications. The Automotive (AM) business unit develops, produces, and sells lamps, light modules, and sensor technology as original equipment to vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as to spare parts retailers. This includes both conventional and, increasingly, LED-based solutions. Osram AM covers a wide range of products with its product catalog, from standardized automotive headlight lamps to special interior lighting and complete LED headlight systems.


With loadbee, more than 300 brand manufacturers reach over a million customers every day on the product detail pages of more than 1,300 online shops. In this way the brand manufacturers supplement the product information of the online retailers across all industries in more than 40 countries. Comparative tests have proven that loadbee usage generates 25 percent more sales. loadbee was founded in 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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