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Zeelo currently drives more than 5,000 people to work each day across the UK

Zeelo, the safe bus-sharing company, today launched the world’s safest transport offering to help commuters from some of Britain’s best-known businesses reduce exposure to Covid-19.


In partnership with Cambridgeshire coach operator Greys of Ely, Zeelo has fitted air-filtration systems, installed a wet fogging system to clean 99% of air particles and created an app to enable social distancing and contact tracing.


Zeelo transports more than a million workers a year to offices belonging to the likes of Ocado, Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover, Matches Fashion, Colgate and Argos.


After the Government’s announcement to avoid public transport, companies have been searching for safe alternatives for employees who may not have access to a car.


The service has been designed to reduce risk of the virus spreading as much as possible. Air filtration systems that clean 99% of the air particles have been fitted within the vehicles and a wet fogging system where an anti-bacteria mist removes all viruses and bacteria from the interior of the vehicle is utilised each day.


Zeelo’s technology also also enables contact tracing, so if a rider informs the company they are showing symptoms of the virus, fellow passengers who may have been travelling with them in the past can be alerted.


Zeelo and Greys of Ely have also introduced personal protective equipment (PPE) for drivers, the use of only the middle doors and a zero-contact policy along with enforced social distancing on board.


The service is currently operating for Amazon employees in Peterborough and the partnership aims to create awareness for businesses across Cambridgeshire that there is a viable alternative to get their staff back safely, as well as rolling it out further across the South East, South West, Home Counties, North West and Midlands.


Co-founder and Zeelo CEO Sam Ryan said: “This is a game-changing development and we are very excited to showcase the world’s safest transport offering during this challenging time.


“Companies now have a responsibility to bring staff back to work safely and, through our partnership with Greys of Ely, we are ready to roll this out across the region.


“We encourage companies who want to protect their employees to get in touch with us to see how Zeelo can help.”


Zeelo hit the headlines for its launch of a critical-worker service to help healthcare staff and key workers beat the Coronavirus pandemic. It is now operating 100 safe routes across the country for various businesses including Amazon, XPO Logistics and Ocado.


Grey’s of Ely director Richard Grey added: “This is a great example of innovation paired with a forward thinking transport operator.


“Together we have been a safe space for Amazon riders in Peterborough and are now ready for any other company that may be considering bringing their staff back in a safe manner.”


The measures implemented include:


*            Eco3 air purifiers installed in vehicles – high grade filters clean 99% of the air particles by reducing harmful virus particles and CO2 particles, reducing the risk of the respiratory transmission;


*            ULV Wet Fogging System applied after each operational day, which is active against removing virus and bacteria within 5 minutes of application;


*            All services will be fully sanitised before and after each journey by trained drivers;


*            Drivers will be equipped with PPE to reduce the risk of infection spreading and passengers will be encouraged to use face coverings;


*            There will be a no-contact policy onboard – drivers will check riders passes without contact to riders or their phones;


*            The number of people on vehicles will be capped so that every member of staff has 2 meters spacing around them to reduce social interaction;


*            Hand sanitiser will be offered on all services for riders;


*            Various service options are available – including taking people from temporary accommodation such as hotels as well as residential locations.




Zeelo currently drives more than 5,000 people to work each day across the UK, with key hubs in the Midlands, South West, North West and Home Counties.


It has also unveiled ambitious plans to expand its offering in Ireland and Italy, in addition to growing its customer base in South Africa.



About Zeelo


Zeelo is a safe bus-sharing company, providing smart transportation services for commuting, school runs and events; equipped with social distancing and infection measures during the current situation


Zeelo uses data and technology to find and digitalise fixed bus routes, targeting areas of high private car usage in order to connect people to places via sustainable transport; working with partners and local bus and coach fleets to operate at the times they are needed.


The Zeelo service is operational in the UK and South Africa and most recently Italy.


Zeelo was founded in 2017 by Barney Williams, Sam Ryan and Dani Ruiz after selling their first business JumpIn – a taxi booking and sharing app – to Addison Lee in 2014. The company is backed by ETF Partners, InMotion Ventures and Dynamo.


Zeelo’s services include:


  • ZeeloCOMMUTE – transport solutions for employees to and from work


  • ZeeloSCHOOLS – transport solutions for schools


  • ZeeloEVENTS – transport solutions to and from major events


  • ZeeloPRIVATE – transport solutions for private groups


To date, Zeelo has transported over 750,000 travellers achieving a Trustpilot rating of 9/10. Zeelo’s mission is to make the world a better place to work and live by eliminating unnecessary car journeys.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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