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Magnesium Overtakes Aluminum: Lighter Panoz Race Cars + First-Ever Marketplace Launches

Galaxy Magnesium – the world’s premiere mine-to-customer source of superior quality and cost-effective magnesium – has partnered with Panoz Racing to usher in a new era in lightweight, safe, high-performance vehicle technology. Panoz has been a regular competitor in SRO Motorsports Group competitions over the last three years and has multiple team manufacturer and driver championship titles under its belt.


This year, the focus shifts from pure competition as a manufacturer to using racing as a demonstration platform for vehicle lightweighting through the latest generation magnesium alloys formulated for the transportation industry. Panoz is integrating the compound into its two Avezzano vehicles as its team takes on Aston-Martin-AMR, Audi, BMW, Ford, Ginetta, KTM, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, SIN Cars and more on the Road America racetrack.


Dan Panoz, founder, designer, engineer and car-builder – Panoz Racing


*            “It’s great to be back at SRO America with our amazing team – going head-to-head with our strong competitors from around the world on the Milwaukee track. We are especially excited about doing something new this year, openly sharing our newest approach to vehicle lightweighting. We will demonstrate this in the real-world lab of competition, by using latest generation magnesium alloys that will ultimately benefit tomorrow’s road vehicles.”


Michael North, president – Galaxy Magnesium


*            “Galaxy Magnesium is sparking a revolution in the world of industrial metal – through proof-of concept via superior performance delivered by Panoz’s championship race cars. Our partnership with Panoz also includes the launch of the non-profit Flying Tigers Institute: a hub of magnesium-intensive technology for the transportation industry and beyond. The institute pays tribute to the heroes of World War II who flew dangerous combat missions, cooperating with other nations to secure freedom for America and the world. The Flying Tigers are reflective of our investment in the future of America’s automotive industry – anchored by the technology and manufacturing excellence of American workers.”


Expanding Industry Support.


Galaxy Magnesium recently secured a round of private investment from Wisdom Capital, a New York based private equity firm, to position itself as the world’s largest mine-to-customer source. Wisdom boasts a 32-year history in the retail automotive business and operates some of the most successful dealerships in the New York area.


*            Michael Shahkoohi – Wisdom Capital


“We are investing in Galaxy Magnesium, with a base in our hometown of New York City – as well as in Detroit and in the American auto industry. We are creating efficient global markets for magnesium so that automakers can confidently design their future cars around it. We are proud to play a part in the most trusted, direct source of commercialized magnesium in the world, in addition to the first-ever magnesium marketplace/exchange. We look forward to seeing it all in action with Panoz race cars in Wisconsin.”


Galaxy Retains DRIVEN360 As Global Agency of Record + The Birth of a Powerhouse Brand.


Galaxy Magnesium is pleased to announce that DRIVEN360 has been selected as Agency of Record – responsible for the management of strategic, brand and corporate communications for all Galaxy enterprises, worldwide.


*            With strong presence across the United States – from Los Angeles, Nashville to New York – the dynamic integrated marketing communications/brand marketing house will also play a part in partner development as Galaxy begins to transform various industries, beginning with the automotive world.


*            Founded by broadcast news personality, transportation/automotive expert and PR veteran, Mike Caudill, DRIVEN360’s world-class track record is highlighted by the launch of startups into the global spotlight, as well as moving the needle for blue chip brands and some of the largest Fortune 500 companies via bold, integrated strategies. The firm’s multi-industry expertise is reflected by current and past brands including Fisker, Sprint, SoftBank Group, LINE-X, Sena Bluetooth, MiFi®/Inseego, Borla, Saint-Gobain, sports teams to Zero Motorcycles and many others.


Roaring Engines, Summer Heat.


The SRO event, “Pirelli GT4 America,” will take place on August 29 and 30 and features two 90-minute races at the world-famous Road America Raceway in the heart of Wisconsin, about 20 miles north of Milwaukee. The thrilling race is closed to the public for public health reasons, but will be broadcast live at


About Galaxy Magnesium


Galaxy is the world’s premiere direct source of magnesium, revolutionizing entire industries with light, strong, versatile, durable and green magnesium – superior in many ways to steel or aluminum alloys. An international company based in the United States, Galaxy is streamlining global supply chains, offering custom alloys for unparalleled performance and delivering “Galaxy Guarantee” — all-inclusive pricing, direct from the most productive mines in the world. From automotive, aerospace, energy and construction to pharmaceuticals, Galaxy Magnesium is paving the way to a lightweight future through reasonable, stable cost, guaranteed quality commercial magnesium. With offices in New York, Atlanta, Geneva, Honolulu and Xi’an, Beijing and Shanghai, Galaxy is well positioned to responsively serve global markets. Join the #MagnesiumRevolution by visiting and following us on LinkedIn.



About Panoz Engineering and Panoz Racing


Panoz Engineering and Panoz Racing, based in Hoschton, Georgia, has been a Small Volume Auto Manufacturer and a prolific competitor in motorsports for more than 25 years. As a manufacturer, Panoz sports cars led a wave of innovation in vehicle lightweighting, focused on modular aluminum-intensive vehicles. In motorsports Panoz is an engineer, builder and proven winner in Le Mans prototype classes, Indy Car, GT2, GT4 and Trans Am as well as various spec type race cars and Deltawing technologies. The current effort with the SRO will be another game changer, as Panoz applies its deep experience with aluminum to magnesium alloys. Panoz and Galaxy will execute the racing program with a transparent protocol: sharing magnesium alloy material and manufacturing technologies openly as a platform for vehicle lightweighting.


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Fri. February 23rd, 2024

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