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Dealerware partners with RedCap to enable a single-screen solution for automotive retailers’ pickup and delivery and loaner management services

Dealerware, the leading connected car platform, has announced a partnership with mobility and logistics provider RedCap Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc., that enables a single-screen solution for automotive retailers’ pickup and delivery and loaner management services. The integrated solution simplifies and optimizes the process end-to-end by offering a contact-free contracting experience and automating fuel and toll recovery. The connection also provides real-time visibility into vehicle location and flags any significant safety-related events throughout the entire loan.


The integration will include Dealerware’s automated cost recovery, increased efficiency and seamless loaner management feature set within the RedCap driver application. By combining two best-in-breed products, customers, drivers, and dealers will all benefit from real-time visibility, SMS-based communication and receipts, customized agreements, and a truly differentiated user-first experience. Further details on how the integrated service works can be found at


“As we make partnership choices, we want to first and foremost solve for the most critical challenges dealers face today. Giving our dealer partners a single screen solution for better fleet management that allows them to provide exceptional customer experiences and continue to drive service revenues, all while reducing their costs is a valuable combination,” said Russell Lemmer, President of Dealerware. “With this integration, dealers unlock new operational efficiencies while delivering more modern conveniences customers value.”


“With the current demand for digital solutions which enables contactless customer service and support, we’re excited to provide the RedCap driver application along with associated services to empower dealerships with a streamlined and automated process for pickup and delivery to help move their business forward,” said David Zwick, Managing Director, Solera | RedCap.


Dealerware allows automotive retailers and OEMs to better manage all of the vehicles on their lots, customize their loaner or mobility programs, and deliver modern, customer-centric experiences. Dealerware customers will now enjoy:


*       Newly added features like Contactless Contracting and Vehicle Groups which enable revenue-driving, customer-centric experiences like: Pickup and Delivery, Extended Test-Drives, and Tiered Loaner Programs


*       Automated cost recovery; Dealerware customers recover an average of $65 USD/vehicle/month in fuel, damage, and tolls


*       Improved operational efficiencies with an average 15% increase in vehicle utilization


*       A superior customer experience, resulting in a 27-point increase in CSI (on average), compared to any other offering in the market today according to J.D. Power


*       Best-in-class customer support that reduces response time from hours to minutes. (Dealerware’s NPS ranks amongst the top 1% of all technology companies)



Consumers increasingly want to interact with a dealership away from the dealer lot. Demand for fleet management solutions like Dealerware that help dealerships deliver new experiences is evident in Dealerware’s recent growth – 100 percent year-over-year in 2019 and a 20 percent increase in Daily Active Users since the start of 2020. For more information about Dealerware’s suite of fleet management tools and what they can unlock for your business, visit


About Dealerware


Dealerware is modern fleet management for the modern retailer. The Dealerware connected car platform elevates the service experience for dealerships, dealer groups and OEMs. By automating cost recovery, improving efficiencies, and increasing customer loyalty, Dealerware allows automotive retailers to lower the cost and complexity associated with the management of courtesy vehicle, retail rental, and subscription programs. Launched in 2016, Dealerware today manages tens of thousands of vehicles for hundreds of dealerships in the U.S., including all 10 of the top 10 public dealer groups, across 26 OEM brands. For more information, please visit



About RedCap


Founded in 2010, RedCap developed the first ever auto dealer focused pick-up and delivery software platform, have processed several million transactions, and currently leads the industry in the Touchless Experience category. Our goal is to give customers a choice in how they service their vehicle with your brand, whether in store, at home or a combination of both. Throughout the years, we have scaled to several OEM national programs, enterprises and dealers. While we continue to advance the product, the market has moved into a delivery focused/touchless experience mindset, especially in today’s pandemic climate which has changed the way customers view retail visits and at home experiences forever. RedCap is subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc.


About Solera


Solera is a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions, empowering companies across the automotive and insurance ecosystem with trusted solutions that adhere to the highest standards of data privacy, security and integrity to support connectivity across the vehicle value chain. Solera’s solutions bring together customers, insurers and suppliers, empowering smarter decision-making through service, software, enriched data, proprietary algorithms and machine learning that come together to deliver insight and ensure customers’ vehicles and property are optimally maintained and expertly repaired. The company is active in over 90 countries across six continents, and has over 235,000 customers and partners. By drawing on the market-leading solution capabilities and business process best practices from its technologies around the world, Solera provides unsurpassed scale and strength with superior performance while delivering innovation to move the industry forward.


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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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