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Carbly Announces “Carbly for Teams”, Multi-User Dealership Collaboration Tools

Ambient Automotive (“Carbly”) has released “Carbly for Teams”, an extended feature set for the market-leading vehicle appraisal platform enabling dealers and automotive professionals to work together effortlessly to save money and leverage expertise. Carbly users can now share vehicles, comments, photos and activities among their team.


“Sharing data among teams has been the number one feature request from our users”, said John Berry, Head of Product Development at Ambient Automotive. “The key to our success has been identifying how a variety of types of dealerships like to communicate, and then building a rich feature set that supports rather than reinvents how dealers work. We’ve built a flexible, cloud-based solution to allow teams of all sizes to find a process that works for them.”


Along with the collaboration, appraisal and dealer auction tools, Carbly now offers two distinct user roles to support dealership workflow; Full Access users with unrestricted access to appraisal data and market guides, and Non-Appraisal users for team members who can still collaborate, but don’t need appraisal data. This structure saves dealers money, as they only pay for the appraisal data they require, while still allowing all users to add vehicles, use the powerful Carbly VIN Scanner, and share unlimited notes and photos among the team.


“We’re excited to give dealers access to tools that might have previously been out of their price range”, Berry continued. “Users can now seek input about vehicle pricing, follow along with team-wide auction watchlists, and much more”.


Carbly for Teams also features a full Activity Feed for keeping team members informed, including viewing all vehicle activity, photos, comments, and important workflow updates across the dealership. This is all built upon the lauded multi-platform synchronization infrastructure that allows users to work efficiently whether on the lot, in the lanes, or at a desk.


Carbly for Teams is available now, free of charge. Existing accounts can instantly add additional users from within Carbly. Learn more at:


About Carbly

Carbly was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping car dealers make informed, data-driven decisions regarding vehicle sourcing, valuation and inventory management. Blending world-class technology and user-centered design, Carbly is a modern tool focused on bringing quality software to dealers of all sizes.


Rory MacGregor, Ambient Automotive, Inc, +1 (800) 996-4028,


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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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