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Elo GPS Is Driving Service Back to the Dealership with CarRx Feature

Elo GPS, one of the nation’s leading vehicle inventory management systems, has introduced a feature that is helping dealers across the country increase service retention while enhancing the overall customer experience.


CarRx is a feature within Elo GPS’ configurable system that allows dealers an efficient and effective way to communicate with customers post-sale. Unlike factory apps that send your customers to the competition, CarRx only sends your customer back to your dealership. Customers with the Elo GPS system installed in their vehicle can receive automatic maintenance alerts and personalized messages through the downloadable CarRx app, available via the App Store or Google Play.


One of the biggest struggles plaguing new car dealerships is the loss of service retention once a new customer drives off the lot. As a result, the ways in which dealers are seeking to get drivers back to the dealership for service and maintenance are meticulous and time-consuming. CarRx is designed to ensure that selling a vehicle is not the last time a dealer may ever see the customer. Unlike the cumbersome and expensive options provided by digital marketing companies, CarRx takes the hassle out of customer communication and streamlines the process of scheduling routine service and maintenance.


Within CarRx’s dealer dashboard, owners and managers obtain a comprehensive overview of all the vehicles with Elo GPS and CarRx installed. From here, dealers can see exactly how many vehicles have their check engine lights illuminated, which ones are due for routine maintenance, and other diagnostic reports.


This data-driven insight gives dealers the ability to understand individual customer needs and tailor messaging specifically to the driver. For example, if you notice a driver is due for a routine oil change, you can send a coupon encouraging them to return to the dealership for service. No phone calls, paper messaging, or emails. Send drivers targeted alerts directly to their smartphones.


Additionally, drivers get automatic in-app notifications when it’s time for routine maintenance based on their make, model, and mileage – making it more likely your customer will come back to your service center.


While CarRx provides tailored solutions for drivers, it also acts as an added profit center for dealers. Elo GPS is an affordable solution that drives significant returns. Many dealers partnered with this solution gross an additional $1 million per year in non-cancelable gross profit, not including the Repair Order (RO) revenues.


If you are curious about the benefits of CarRx and how it can increase your bottom line, get in touch with a representative today to learn more or schedule a demo.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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