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Dirac makes its automotive entry market debut with the launch of a new digital audio solution designed specifically for entry model vehicles

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac announced its debut into the automotive entry market with the introduction of a new digital audio solution designed specifically for entry-level audio systems. The new solution is built upon the company’s 15-year legacy working in the high-end space yet also features new innovations that address the specific needs of the entry-level vehicles and their sound systems.


With this introduction, automotive manufacturers can cost-effectively upgrade their entry systems’ performance to deliver enhanced sound quality, reduced cabin colorations, a surround sound experience from stereo content, and signature sound across models with high consistency.


“Dirac was born out of the automotive industry, and we’ve spent the last 15 years designing digital audio solutions for some of the industry’s most well-regarded and discerning brands,” stated Lars Carlsson, Head of Business Development, Automotive, at Dirac. “However, with the introduction of our first-ever solution designed specifically for the entry market, we’re now bringing our renowned audio innovations from the few to the many – and equipping entry market vehicles with optimized sound experiences.” 


Dirac’s new digital audio solution for the entry market is built upon an all-in-one intelligent audio platform. It is comprised of a measurement system, tuning tools, sound optimization algorithms, and an IO to h/W platform that – together – enable manufacturers to achieve perfected sound faster, more easily, and consistently across vehicle models.


The platform features the industry’s first semi-automatic tuning system that optimizes performance and delivers signature sound in a way that is highly efficient, consistent and predictable – eliminating the typical guesswork involved in the traditional manual tuning process, which thus significantly reduces overall tuning time.


The Dirac platform also includes patented digital sound optimization and spatialization technologies that vary depending on the targeted markets. For the entry market, the available technologies are measurement-based magnitude response correction, patented virtual bass, surround sound, and virtual center – to tackle common acoustic challenges like negative car cabin impact, unbalanced soundstage, and lack of immersion.


By leveraging key technologies, the new digital audio solution for the entry market is able to help manufacturers to deliver optimized acoustic performance and immersive sound experience – all without any expensive hardware upgrades.


In addition to its new solution for the entry market, the company also offers solutions tailored for the mid-range market and the high-end market.


Featuring Dirac’s patented impulse response correction technology, the mid-range market solution is widely adopted by automotive sound systems that boast, maximum, 12 amplifier channels. Featuring Dirac’s patented MIMO mixed phase correction technology, the solution for the high-end market, is regarded as the industry’s most advanced automotive solution, and can be used for the highest-end sound systems – that boast 10 to 20+ amplifier channels – to ensure perfect listening experiences in all seats.


Both solutions feature Dirac’s digital audio platform and are trusted by world renowned brands such as BMW, Rolls Royce, Volvo, Harman, Polestar and more.


About Dirac:


Dirac is here to change the world of sound. We’re inventing the future of audio with superior experiences for any content, device, and space. For the many, not the few. Based in Sweden, Dirac optimizes digital audio, perfecting sound for better listening in any environment. The patented sound solution technology spans across mobile, gaming, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, headphones, streaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV, boosting whatever sound you’re listening to, wherever you’re listening. For professionals, Dirac produces the industry’s most powerful suite of audio tools for signal processing. Some of the world’s most respected brands, including Rolls Royce, Volvo, Polestar, BMW, BYD, Harman, Datasat, NAD, ASUS, and OPPO bring the Dirac sound experience to their customers.


Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Dirac has offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai, China; a Research & Development facility in Copenhagen, Denmark; and representation in Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA.


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Thu. April 18th, 2024

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