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BitAnimate Launches NapDetect, the AI-Powered In-Vehicle Safety App

BitAnimate, a developer and innovator of cutting-edge software technologies, announces the launch of NapDetect.


NapDetect is the next level AI-powered safety app that detects distractions and signs of drowsiness through real-time analyzing and tracking of facial movements and head position.


According to researchers, approximately 20% of traffic accidents worldwide are related to fatigue driving. NapDetect is a must-have, in-vehicle safety app. NapDetect can help with keeping drivers alert and improving road safety.


NapDetect’s AI algorithms continuously analyze the person’s facial movements and head position by processing images from the front facing camera of the mobile device in real-time. If the AI algorithms detect the person is distracted, drowsy, or falling asleep, then NapDetect will trigger a distraction or nap alert. Additionally, NapDetect is a great tool for studying or night shifts.


NapDetect’s default setting is drive mode. If the app detects that the vehicle is not moving or at slow speed, drivers will not receive distraction or nap alerts. In the study and work mode, users will receive the alerts even if they are stationary. This is an intentional feature.


“NapDetect can be downloaded on any smartphone which makes NapDetect easily accessible, even if you drive different or older vehicles. Particularly, drivers do not need to purchase an additional device to have an in-vehicle safety solution. With BitAnimate’s years of research and development in the field of visual computing, our goal is to make in-vehicle safety solutions more accessible and truly affordable for everyone,” said BitAnimate co-founder and CEO Sarvenaz Sarkhosh.


NapDetect could save the lives of drivers and those around them while driving on the road. Visit to learn more.


NapDetect is available for download on Google Play


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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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