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Data reveals these are the most expensive movies for car crashes!

  • Avengers: Infinity War would rack up the most damage from car crashes – a whopping £387,525.45
  • In second place is Captain America: Civil War with estimated total damage of £331,355.79
  • The Blues Brothers would have written off the most on-screen cars at 28
  • Christopher Nolan’s Inception claims third place – on-screen damage amounts to £326,740.02
  • Six of the top ten movies are Marvel, totalling over £1.5 million in damages!


Fast & Furious 9 director Justin Lin recently revealed his 11-year-old son came up with the movie’s wildest stunt.

So whilst our favourite heart-racing blockbusters regularly feature car crashes, explosions and more, how much would these scenes cost in car damage?

To find out, crunched the numbers to reveal out of 15 of the most popular car movies, which would foot the biggest bill!


Taking first place is Avengers: Infinity War. Most damage caused can be attributed to the early scene of enemies crash landing into a bustling New York City, writing off around 19 cars on screen and damaging many others including a split in half Ford Crown Victoria and a blown up 2004 Volkswagen Jetta A4. The bill? A whopping £387,525.45.

Speeding into second is Captain America: Civil War. The Avengers scramble to catch criminals and deal with unrest within the party in this phase three Marvel hit, causing clumsy car damage that totals £331,355.79. No doubt this added to increasing calls for the Sokovia Accords which would restrain the dream team’s freedom.

Recently crowned the most confusing movie of all time by, Inception makes the podium in third place. Car chases within several levels of consciousness in this 2010 sci-fi hit brings estimated damage to £326,740.02 and a whopping 27 cars estimated as write-offs.

Joining five other Marvel titles in the top ten, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the fourth most costly (£298,694.09) film, and The Blues Brothers enters in fifth place. Whilst damages total more than £100,000 less than first place, the cult car classic wins most cars written off at a whopping 28.

In tenth place but still causing several car catastrophes is Captain Marvel. Most destruction comes from Carol Danvers’ time on planet C-53 (a.k.a. Earth) in the 1990s, as she searches for evading Skrulls, amassing total damages of £104,129.72.

Which movies have smaller total bills for damage?

  Movie Total Estimated Damage Cost (£)
11 The Gentlemen 79,202.72
12 Death Proof 65,726.38
13 Vanishing Point 60,886.65
14 I Care a Lot 45,943.12
15 American Assassin 41,381.87


Down in 15th place is American Assassin – the research shows only 2 cars would be written off in-movie, but cuts and scrapes are aplenty and add up to car damage totalling £41,381.87. While critics deemed the film full of clichés and lacking thrill, it still seemed to include the thrill of the chase and any repercussions coming from it.



  1. com/car-insurance/ utilised IMDb’s keyword search for movies featuring car crashes, alongside reputable articles, to create a seed list of the top 15 most popular movies. Please find all sources in the third tab of this dataset.
  2. For each movie watched, using the crash severity guide (please see the second tab of this datasheet) each vehicle featured in a car crash was assigned a severity percentage which was used as a proxy for the relative depreciation in the vehicle’s value and therefore as the value of the damage. On the severity percentage method, car insurance professional Melanie Musson from com commented: “You can calculate an accurate modern-day equivalent for a car’s diminished value when you estimate the percent of vehicle damage and factor in the vehicle’s value in today’s dollars. An insurance adjuster would be able to provide a more pinpointed level of damage, but since we’re dealing with movie cars, it’s fair to make a visual estimation.”
  3. The Internet Movie Cars Database was used to cross-check each car’s make, model and year for each movie.
  4. To price the cars featured in each crash scene, found the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) using three reputable car price comparison sites: com, and Where MSRPs weren’t available, the car was removed from the results. The MSRPs were then adjusted for inflation using the US CPI.
  5. To value the depreciation/total damage per car, the inflation adjusted MSRP was multiplied by the severity rate. The movies were then ranked from highest estimated damage cost to lowest.
  6. For each movie, the number of on-screen cars that were written off was also calculated. Cars are categorised as write-offs if the cost of repair is greater than the car’s value. This was assumed as any car suffering damage above 20% severity.

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