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NIRA Dynamics AB signs partnership agreement with Global Weather Corporation to improve autonomy and road condition services

NIRA Dynamics AB (NIRA), a company within the Volkswagen Group and a leading actor in road condition data, has signed an agreement with Global Weather Corporation (GWC), a world-leader in high accuracy road weather intelligence, for its road condition services for the automotive industry.

The partnership will allow improved road condition services for autonomous vehicle functions.
NIRA selects GWC as its preferred partner for road weather intelligence. Vehicle manufacturers and legislators put high requirements on data for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, which is why scalability and accuracy are extremely important to NIRA. Using RoadWX® data from Global Weather Corporation, Swedish auto technology leader NIRA Dynamics is spearheading the next generation of connected car technology, preparing drivers for adverse weather or road conditions, reducing crashes, and improving safety.

“By combining data from connected vehicles with the world’s most precise weather and road predictive analytics, we anticipate that we can develop the safest driving experience ever.” says Johan Brynås, Chief Product Owner Road Surface Information at NIRA Dynamics. Detailed road weather data together with connected vehicle data results in a map with a friction map layer which will help municipalities better manage roads during extreme weather, allow driver assistance systems access to road conditions for enhanced safety, improve tire performance, and ensure navigation systems can take road conditions into account.

“Newer generations of vehicles require unprecedented levels of weather and road surface data accuracy, and Global Weather Corporation’s RoadWX® service delivers this,” said Dr. Bill Gail, CEO of GWC and Fellow/Past-President of the American Meteorological Society. “We are thrilled to partner with NIRA, a world leader in automotive safety, analytics and performance.”

The number of connected vehicles with NIRA algorithms is growing rapidly and will reach 1.7 Million during 2021, meaning the coverage will continue to increase. By adding the weather data from GWC, the NIRA/GWC combination will provide industry-leading road surface monitoring, including prediction of future road state.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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