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Cadence Unleashes Clarity 3D Solver on the Cloud for Straightforward, Secure and Scalable Electromagnetic Analysis of Complex Systems on AWS

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNS) announced a straightforward, secure and cost-effective approach to gaining access to compute resources in the cloud when executing 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulations with Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver Cloud. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud provides the ability to scale 3D finite element method (FEM) simulation capacity from 32 cores to thousands of cores using secure connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This inventive hybrid approach gives users the option to simulate using local compute resources or cloud simulation resources without having to add to either on-premises or cloud computing budgets. Cloud simulations keep design data safe on local computers while sending only encrypted simulation-specific data to the cloud. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud automatically sets up and simulates in a private and secure AWS chamber, accessing the user-defined number of compute cores. Simulation results are returned to the local on-premises computer(s) while the data in the secure AWS chamber is immediately deleted. This ensures 3D EM data is safe, protected and only discoverable on the customer’s local device.

“Cadence’s approach to accelerating Clarity 3D Solver simulations on AWS allows customers to leverage high-performance cloud resources and achieve faster turnaround time,” said David Pellerin, Head of Worldwide Industry Business Development, Semiconductors, AWS. “We are delighted to be working with Cadence on Clarity Cloud and on future innovations that support our shared customers in their transition to cloud.”

As “More than Moore” drives electronic systems that are higher in frequency and speed, the demand on 3D EM simulation also grows. Due to increasing design complexity, complicated by faster and faster data transfer speeds and frequency specs such as DDR5, 112G and 5G NR, Clarity 3D Solver Cloud closes the simulation versus time/compute-resources gap.

With Clarity 3D Solver Cloud, EM simulations on entire complex systems are now possible. Instead of purchasing additional on-premises compute resources to run more and more EM simulations, Cadence’s innovative business model provides customers with 24-hour-per-day access to the cloud. Powered by the production-proven Cadence CloudBurst™ Platform, Clarity 3D Solver Cloud allows the number of compute cores to be controlled by the design engineer. When additional compute nodes are needed beyond what is available locally, flexible terms are available for adding capacity to accelerate simulation time during peak usage or to decrease time-to-simulation results when simulating larger, more complex structures. The goal is to empower customers to decrease EM simulation times while expanding EM design analysis.

“We continue to innovate with our system-level analysis solutions to provide unprecedented speed and accuracy,” said Ben Gu, vice president of multiphysics system analysis in the Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence. “Clarity 3D Solver Cloud delivers a flexible, scalable solution for our customers so they can solve large, complex and leading-edge EM designs on demand, without waiting for compute resources to become available. The hybrid cloud approach keeps design data secure on-premises, provides a straightforward and familiar user experience for our Clarity 3D Solver customers, and most importantly, accelerates EM results using state-of-the-art AWS compute resources to generate 3D FEM electromagnetic analysis results.”


“Simulation to ensure first-time right designs is a prerequisite for success in a high-speed interconnect system, and the ability to rapidly deliver these advanced technology services enhances Sanmina’s solution offerings to our leading-edge customers. The Clarity 3D Solver provides unsurpassed speed and capacity, and now, with the new cloud solution, we can quickly respond to demanding simulation needs without front-end loaded capital expenses and delays from procurement of compute resources. In addition, the convenience of running large simulations from our notebook computers allows us to optimize IT budgets without impacting engineering productivity.”
Drew Doblar, VP of Engineering, at Sanmina Corporation

“Inventec serves our customers with excellence because of our innovation, quality, open mind and execution. Fast and accurate simulation of our designs used in cloud computing, wireless communication, intelligent devices and IoT ensures we can deliver working prototypes in the shortest possible time. Cadence has long been our trusted partner to provide simulation solutions that tightly integrate with our design tools to help us rapidly find and fix design problems. We utilize Clarity 3D Solver with on-premises hardware, but with the new Clarity 3D Solver Cloud, we have access to unlimited compute resources with zero wait time, allowing us to more quickly optimize our designs. This reduces our turnaround time and enables us to produce more robust products with fewer design iterations.”
Steven Ting, Director at Inventec

“At Enflame Technology, our AI chips need to be delivered in reliable hardware to serve our downstream partners. We cannot afford multiple design respins, so we trust Cadence to provide us with integrated design and analysis solutions to enable us to streamline system-level design. The Clarity 3D Solver has provided unparalleled speed and capacity with proven accuracy. We utilize Clarity 3D Solver Cloud to break the bottleneck during peak demand simulation times as it gives us access to unlimited compute resources, allowing us to take full advantage of the scalability of Clarity technology to enable true 3D simulation results. This makes our design cycles predictable and increases company-wide productivity.”
Arthur Zhang, Founder and COO of Enflame Technology

The Clarity 3D Solver Cloud technology supports Cadence’s Intelligent System Design™ strategy, enabling system innovation. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud is available today. Customers can learn more at <>  as well as register for the on-demand EM Forum event where Clarity 3D Solver Cloud will be discussed in detail. Register at

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