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SureSale Launches Industry-first Vehicle Inspection App

SureSale, which makes it easy for auto retailers, independent technicians and repair facilities to share trusted used vehicle history and real-time condition information, has launched an industry-first vehicle inspection app for automotive professionals. The app is designed to streamline the inspection process, eliminating onerous manual checklists and computer inputs, all while fueling consumer confidence and trust through the industry’s most comprehensive vehicle history and condition report.

“The number of consumers opting for a used vehicle has skyrocketed. But, with 70% of used car buyers believing that buying a pre-owned vehicle is always a risk — and over 80% wishing they had a “mechanic friend” to help them when buying(1) — the demand for reliable vehicle inspections is bound to increase. This is why we created the SureSale Inspection app,” said Michael Rose, SureSale VP of Product. “Our app eases the inspection process, speeding it up by at least 30 minutes and automatically combining multi-point real-time condition information with deep vehicle history into one report that can be shared digitally with customers on-the-spot.”

How it Works: A Win for Inspection Technicians, Car Sellers and Car Buyers alike:

Car Buyers Win: The average repair bill on a vehicle can be up to $600(2). No matter how much buyers research, they can be left with the anxiety that comes with simply not knowing if their carefully researched vehicle will wind up in the service drive. The SureSale vehicle quality report, generated through SureSale’s Inspection app, offers car buyers a comprehensive view into the whole “story” of the vehicle, from past to present, from history to current condition factors.

Prospective buyers will know that in addition to history, they are getting a bumper-to-bumper, mechanical and technology system check that also includes the overall experience of driving the vehicle, fueling purchase confidence.

Inspection Technicians/Car Sellers Win: Vehicle inspection technicians simply follow the SureSale Inspection app’s roadmap, in-putting road test results, vehicle images, and condition information including mechanical and safety issue checks, interior and exterior condition, functional operations, under the vehicle and hood inspection results, tires and tread depth measurements, fluids, brake pedals and pads, road test results, and more.

While the physical inspection takes place, the SureSale Inspection app simultaneously runs the VIN through SureSale’s proprietary platform to analyze and check vehicle history, title status, odometer accuracy, manufacturer warranty, recalls, and other important vehicle information. This information is automatically combined with the inspection information in the easily shareable, easily readable SureSale vehicle quality report.

Current users of the SureSale platform benefit from the app’s streamlined inspection process for their inventory and an even easier process for showcasing, and sharing, inspection reports online and with their customers. In addition, their customers benefit from a 3-month subscription to SiriusXM included with the purchase of a car with a factory-equipped SiriusXM radio.

“The SureSale Inspection app enhances customer satisfaction by bridging the trust gap during the purchase process, all while enabling car sellers to showcase vehicle quality and condition, highlight reconditioning work, validate pricing and, ultimately, speed up the transaction,” concluded Michael Rose.

Available for Apple and Android, the app can be downloaded at Apple store:

Google store:

About SureSale
Founded by a team of automotive/tech innovators, award-winning SureSale makes it easy for auto retailers, independent technicians and repair facilities to share trusted vehicle history and real-time condition information about used vehicles with the SureSale app. The SureSale vehicle quality report analyzes thousands of vehicle data points, including history and condition, helping increase consumer purchase peace of mind. SureSale, which won the 2020 Gold Stevie® Award for “Innovation of the Year,” was founded to help the auto market meet the demand for inspected, high-quality pre-owned vehicles among the US’ 40 million used car buyers. SureSale is based in Santa Monica, CA. Visit for more information.

(1) Third party study of used car shoppers and car buyers.
(2) According to a study by travel-services giant AAA, the average auto repair bill comes to between $500 and $600 — and 1 in 3 motorists can’t pay it without incurring debt.