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Internet Brands Auto Classifieds Welcomes New Sales Director and Account Executive

The Internet Brands Auto Classifieds group is pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Stetz to Director of Sales and Business Development, and to welcome race and performance industry veteran Chris Hughes to the Sales Team. IB Auto Classifieds, led by flagship site  specializes in racing, performance, hot rods, classics and antique vehicle & parts classifieds. Stetz and Hughes bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to these roles, as well as a passion for performance.

RacingJunk is known for championing all facets of the grass roots racing community from drag racing to sprint cars to off-roading to sports cars. The site has become a crucial hub for connecting its members to the people, parts and services they need through RacingJunk’s online classifieds, business partnerships, social media channels, news and technical report, and excellent sales and customer service teams. RacingJunk—along with the other sites in the Automotive Classifieds group—has been an integral part of keeping the industry-wide community alive and accessible over the past year. As the enthusiast space re-opens (literally and figuratively) for car and trade shows, racing, events and manufacturing, the Classifieds group will continue to lead the way. Stetz and Hughes have both proved integral to the race and performance community in their former roles, and will be essential to guiding these efforts.

As an account executive for the Auto Classifieds group, Stetz has forged partnerships with industry leaders to support efforts to promote and market products and services while advancing opportunities for growth in grassroots motorsports. A dirt track and drag racing fan, Stetz is enthusiastic about building stronger platforms for all racing partners and advertisers, taking what he learned as an account executive to help strengthen the team he now leads.

“I look forward to encouraging new ideas and working with our advertisers and partners, particularly as the race industry emerges from the year or so of isolation,” says Stetz. “I hope to elevate the partnerships to serve both our customers and our manufacturers. The Auto Classifieds group is deeply committed to connecting race and performance enthusiasts with the events, products and services that enhance the joy of racing and I look forward to guiding the team as it does this.”

Stetz is an internal hire, while Christopher Hughes comes to the Classifieds group from the world of racing. Located in Race City, USA (otherwise known as Moorseville, NC), Hughes has been involved in every aspect of the race and enthusiast space, from selling cars, to off-road racing, to founding his own enthusiast magazine: TRAILS.

He brings that experience and excitement to the classifieds team, in part to help expand the off-road focus of the business, but with a deep love of all forms of the sport, including electric racing. “I’m really excited to be working with Racing Junk/Internet Brands. Who wouldn’t be?” says Hughes. ‘I love motorsports. I’m fascinated to see how both electric vehicles and iRacing do in the future. But I’ll always favor the sweet smell of race gas.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I get paid to talk to people about all forms of racing. And offer them ways to share what they are doing with other racers all over the country.”

“Scott and Chris are welcome additions to our strong sales and business development teams,” says Joel Lanzaga, General Manager of the Auto Classifieds Group. “They are passionate enthusiasts, great sales people, and solid leaders. Scott’s experience with the team means he knows how to encourage their strengths, and Chris’ perspective from the industry will mean new connections and fresh ideas. That combination is so important to the industry as it looks ahead to new challenges and adventures.”

With these exciting changes to the sales team, RacingJunk will continue to offer the race and performance community the excellence that only more than 20 years in the space can provide. The Auto Classifieds remains ahead of the curve in site development, customer service, and sales to offer the best options to buy, sell, trade (and advertise) in the business.

The Internet Brands Auto Classifieds group is a collection of Auto Classifieds websites including,, and The vertical focuses on auto racing and performance, hot rods, classic and collectible vehicles & parts, as well as trailers and RVs.

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Sat. May 25th, 2024

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