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Andretti Indy Cars Rev Up The Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance

Kinetic Vision is co-sponsoring two historic Andretti race cars at this year’s upcoming Concours d’Elegance. Marco Andretti’s race car is hot off the 2021 Indy 500 track and will appear alongside a historic Indy car driven by his father, Michael Andretti, in the 1991 Indy 500.

“This is a truly historic display of Andretti Indy cars. As an advanced technology partner of Andretti Autosport, we’re thrilled to help sponsor the display of these incredible technical machines driven by two generations of Andrettis,” said Jeremy Jarrett, Executive Vice President of Kinetic Vision.

The Andretti Autosport team is bringing Marco Andretti’s Indy car to the Concours in the same ‘battle condition’ the car was in after he finished the Indianapolis 500 two weeks ago. To help show the evolution of racing, the Concours team has arranged to have a private collector’s 1991 Indy car driven by Michael Andretti on display next to Marco’s car. “It’s fascinating to see the design and technology changes when you look at two Indy cars that are 30 years apart,” said Jarrett.

“The team at Andretti Autosport not only crave innovation, they truly harness every new technology they can to give their race cars the edge,” said Jarrett. “Helping the Andretti team with some of their technical challenges has been amazing and it is fantastic to be able to see two generations of these highly technical machines up close at the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance,” he added.

The two Andretti Indy cars help to highlight the theme of this year’s event: ‘Excellence in Motorsports – Racing.’ The event will be held in Cincinnati’s historic Ault Park on Sunday, June 13th. The collection of antique and historic automobiles and motorcycles makes the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance among the finest motorsport exhibitions in the United States.

“This is a one-of-a-kind chance to see the history of racing, and with the two Andretti Indy cars, this will be an event you won’t want to miss,” said Jarrett.

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