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For over 40 years, McMurray Stern has been an industry leader in the world of storage solutions. As online shopping has skyrocketed, McMurray Stern has helped a huge number of companies to create a structure they can rely on.

For decades McMurray Stern has been one of the best storage options for the biggest companies, and one of the ways to keep their edge over the competition has been to always be five steps ahead in terms of efficiency and quality. Their leap into forefront robotics and automation of their storage systems is another example of this.

As designers of automated systems for many industrial warehouses, turn-key workspaces, custom shelving, and robotics, to name a few, McMurray Stern is dedicated to making companies more efficient with their custom storage solutions.

As a specialty contractor, their shift to automation, and their incredible response in handling manufacturing crisis events, like COVID-19, makes McMurray Stern a company made for evolution and forever-changing times. While this shift to automation creates greater productivity, it also reduces overcrowding and pressure behind the company’s labor force.

As COVID created fast turnarounds for the e-commerce industry, McMurray Stern turned those dreams into a reality for many companies. As leaders in the automated storage solutions industry, McMurray Stern’s clientele continues to be satisfied with their ability to listen and create the best plan for an initiative’s success. With warehouse workers not being streamlined enough in the product creation stage, this strategic shift in the company’s initiatives allows them to be cost-efficient, centralize communication, create less room for error, and create a dynamic workforce behind their product.

And while this year has created many challenges, President Kenny DeAngelis comments, “My favorite part is creating a vision for the company and a strategic direction; thus setting up the company for future success… Ultimately, if you believe in your vision, then it’s a matter of getting your employees to believe in it as well and bringing on the necessary new talent to execute.”

With automated solutions in addition to their fully integrated design-build process, McMurray Stern continues to ensure that projects are professionally managed from conception to execution, managed by a team responsible for design, order placement, planning, site meetings, installation, and service and maintenance.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pat Fitzpatrick, knows the direction that McMurray Stern is going in will be imperative to their future success. He comments, “we are driving our newer automation business to match the current explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing… We are trying to achieve this through aggressive marketing plans that started with a complete revamp of our website and reworking of our entire marketing and business development approach.” Anticipating double the sales from 2020, and hopes to double business in 2022 as well, VP Fitzpatrick and his team continue to create strategies that will solve any complex challenges that may come their way.

Located in Southern California, McMurray Stern has a unique presence in the industry on the West Coast. Partnering with one of the largest automation companies, Schaefer, and just announced, FANUC Robotics, they pride themselves on knowing that there is no product too delicate or space too challenging where they can make a difference.

Having already worked with companies like BBraun, Amgen, Oakley, Kaiser Permanente, and many more, they continue to serve the business, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, military, athletic, grocery, and retail industries now more than ever. With hopes to have their software engineers creating software-driven solutions and AI machine learning, McMurray Stern continues to look to the future with bright eyes to serve our ever-evolving world in a more significant way.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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