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Streamline Your Additive Manufacturing (AM) Shop Operations with AM Network

Witness firsthand how Siemens’ AM Network allows you to manage your growing demand for additive manufacturing and become an AM leader within your industry.
June 8th at 1 PM Paris & 1 PM NY
Live Webinar: 2 sessions available
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Are you looking scale your company’s additive manufacturing activities? Whether you want to increase the utilization of your AM assets, or leverage a distributed network of suppliers – AM Network is here to digitalize your AM workflows, save you time, reduce your efforts and increase your “first time right” 3D prints. The AM Network guides you through the parts qualification process, orchestrates your AM order management and streamlines your production planning.

Siemens’ AM Network provides the AM part consumer and part supplier a common system to manage all orders, streamline the information flow across different organizations and entities, and the tools they need to make this process fast, efficient and set to scale.

You will learn:
  • How the AM Network helps your R&D designers and engineers to effectively qualify their 3D designs for AM production
  • How the AM Network enables your organization to order 3D prints fast and with the best lead time and price (supplier directory, bidding and more)
  • How AM part providers and service bureaus are using the order management and production planning of Siemens’ AM Network to streamline their operations, increase their productivity and offer the best customer service
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Meet the speaker:
Alyssa Berger
Business Development
Siemens Digital Industries Software

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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